Blockchain Use Cases in 2022

Blockchain is touted as a game-changer technology. However, without blockchain use cases in the industry, it will never reach its

Is It Possible to Become a Blockchain Engineer In Just 7 Days – Vladan’s Web3 Journey

Whether the cryptocurrency market is bull or bear, the demand for engineers in the labor market is always on the

How to Develop MetaMask Snaps

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet for managing assets on Ethereum-like blockchains. It comes both as a browser extension and mobile

Governance Token – Road to Decentralization

Web3 jungle is full of new terms and concepts that regular Joe and Jane are unfamiliar with. To reach a

Baby step – Giant Step Algorithm

This is another blog post about a topic that we at the LogN team meet while doing research in the

Blockchain Insurance – How It Works and Challenges Present

In 3327, we like tackling different areas of web3. During one of our discussions, we decided to dive into the

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