Where does Zero Knowledge meet Machine Learning?

What is ZKML? Zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) is a fantastic merge of two seemingly unrelated worlds – Zero-Knowledge and Machine

The reality of the current development status of Cardano

The following sections will describe our experience and issues we faced during almost one year of developing on Cardano. We

ZKHack Challenge No.1 – step by step

The LogN team is a team of ZK researchers consisting of mathematicians and programmers. It was interesting to test our

What’s missing in the NFT space and what should you build next?

NFTs have seen explosive growth in usage in 2021. OpenSea has had more volume than Uniswap at times and the

NFT Lending – Current State and What’s Next?

At the MVP Workshop, we had a chance to organize an internal NFT hackathon within our research and development department

Five Ways Blockchain Can Transform Traditional Business and Impact the Market in the Future

The global economy has been in the process of digitalization since the 1960s. Previous digital technologies were used to improve business processes mainly by delivering the same results in a faster and safer manner.Blockchain, however, presents us with…