We deliver Blockchain products

that actually work.


We can help you with everything from idea validation, to going all the way and launching your product together. For us it doesn’t matter if you are a startup launching your first product, or a corporation looking to branch out, we can support you.


Value Design Workshop

The first stage is our Value Design Workshop. We offer 1 or 2 day workshops where we validate your idea. Most startups invest and then fail because they haven’t created a proof of concept, or answered questions like; Is there a market for my product?, or  What’s the best business model design for my business?

Likewise, corporations branching out and creating innovative products often make the same mistakes. It’s about practise, and we have done it hundreds of times.

After the workshop you will have:


  • Full Idea Validation
  • Business Model Design
  • Technological Architecture Solution
  • Token to Market Fit (Blockchain specific)
  • Feature Set PoC


If you want to take it further, and turn your idea into a product you can sign up for our Product R&D.

Here’s what’s included:


  • Design and Development
  • Technical Paper
  • Project White Paper
  • Smart Contract Development
  • MVP/Proof of Concept

Proof of Value, Product R&D

We take your idea and test your MVP features. We build your proof of concept based on research and we don’t stop there. We test and iterate, and implement your final product. We get you ready for your product launch; the whole package.

For those of you disrupting the market with your Blockchain products, we offer a third specialized service on the token economy and initial distribution.

Token Economy and Initial Distribution

We get you working with Token Generation Event advisors, so that from the moment your product is launched you have one layer less between you and your finalized token distribution. You can start focusing on brand awareness and community building.

This service includes:


  • KYC/AML Setup
  • Token Distribution
  • Crowdsale Support
  • Marketing Services
* Note: You can sign up for one or more services. Standalone and bundle options available.


We are old school. We were around when Blockchain wasn’t cool, and when being a product expert was everyone’s game. So why should you work with us?

MVP Workshop team is one of the first to market, and we plan on staying on top.

We are not just consultants, we are also designers and engineers.

Working with us means you get a fully dedicated team focused just on your product.

One other thing, our years of product experience means we are also experts in understanding users, and empathising with a desired target audience. At the end of the day product is for people, and we know people.


After working closely with the MVP Workshop team on our decentralized platform and the ICO, both on tech and business side, I can say that they are one of the very few true professionals that are experts in both spheres of the blockchain space. One thing that especialy impressed us was their expertise in token economy models.With the very hands on approach and pragmatic advice, their support continues to be invaluable for our project.

– Petar Slovic // COO, Review.Network

Did we also mention we have our own Blockchain framework for validating and building products?