We make working products on top of decentralized technologies

We make working
products on top
of decentralized


We specialize in Decentralized Business Models, Tokenization of Assets and End-to-End Product Development.

Through agile, iterative and value-driven approach we determine the best way of incorporating blockchain and related technologies into your business model by developing end-to-end solutions, regardless of your industry vertical or company size.

Our journey started well before the Blockchain era, which means we have gained a wealth of experience in all segments of product development. We are consultants, designers, developers, engineers and marketers working and contributing to your ecosystem every single day – and we know how to get things done properly.


2-6 weeks
Product Discovery and Definition

Starting with holistic idea validation and problem scoping, we will go through each of the phases in order to properly define your product and ensure an optimal base for future full-scale development, while taking great care to facilitate your overall business goals.

Depending on where your product idea currently is, we can start from a different point of the journey. Your dedicated MVP Workshop team will guide you and help you cover important topics such as:

Product Discovery Workshop
Scoping the problem-solution tree and technology-solution fit; utilizing tools such as MoSCoW and internally-developed Decentralized Business Model Canvas in order to create an all-encompassing idea validation process. Clearly outlining Minimal Viable Product specifications and creating a development roadmap for 3-6 months.
Branding and visual identity
Creating key elements that define product branding as a whole - logotype, brand book, and visual language - covering both public brand image and product user interface style guide.
Token Design
Deciding on and designing the optimal tokenization model, based on the clear understanding of your business model’s value proposition and economic principles it relies upon. This includes evaluating whether your project is in need of tokenization as such, as well as token type, utility, product fit, mechanics, velocity and distribution.
Blockchain Architecture concept
Defining key criteria and deciding on the optimal blockchain technological stack which best suits the defined Minimal Viable Product as well as long-term project development. This includes token design and engineering, if your project is in need of tokenization as such.
Technical Whitepaper
Creating a technical whitepaper defining the product as a whole for the purpose of community building, raising initial or subsequent funding, building brand awareness and responding to any and all due diligence requests.
Interactive Prototype
Completely interactive InVision prototype showcasing the full functionality of previously defined MVP feature set.

At this stage, you will have a dedicated MVP Workshop team with your product owner being constantly involved in sprint planning and task prioritization.Some cornerstones of the product development phase are:

MVP Development
Executing the development of the Minimum Viable Product using battle-tested, reliable and scalable technologies based on objective parameters as well as our extensive domain knowledge; minimizing primarily technological risks in order to ensure long-term product viability and scalability.
Design Sprint Workshop
Using a problem-solving approach we combine design thinking, lean and agile processes, focusing on translating the defined technical product base into a market-ready form; we usually take into account key factors such as business success requirements, functional prototyping and real-user testing.
User Experience Design
Defining user stories and flows in order to minimize (or remove altogether) any and all user friction points; sketching and wireframing UI elements, defining pixel-perfect mockups and improving overall usability while ensuring that the end-product will function seamlessly regardless of the underlying tech stack and future changes and improvements.
User Interface Design
Completely designing and developing product’s UI while relying on industry best practices, our comprehensive design experience, as well as our internally developed guidelines and heuristics aimed at bridging the usability and adoptability gaps between blockchain-related products and end-users.
Full-scope Development
Bringing the product to market-ready state, implementing previously defined product roadmap based on UXD and UI mockups and deliverables, while focusing on customer-centric approach in order to ensure significant traction and adoptability at launch.
Blockchain Technology Integrations
Implementing blockchain tech stack into the product, ensuring optimal functionality of third-party integrations and dependencies, testing solution interoperability and taking care of security frameworks and defense mechanisms.
Smart Contract Development
Developing secure and optimized smart contracts on Ethereum, Stellar, EOS or other suitable blockchain tech stack which best suits your decentralized business model.


6-9 months
Product Development

After forming a team which is dedicated solely to your project, we will cover the development of all the necessary elements of a successful, market-ready product, while focusing on technical optimization, end-user adoption-friendly design principles and ensuring alignment with your long-term business plan and goals.


6+ months
Ongoing product improvement and development

As your MVP is hitting the market and gaining traction, your development team will be focusing on full feature set development, as well as expanding the tracks and resources needed for long-term product scalability.

Furthermore, you can rely on our extensive product guidance and technical support experience to ensure that we can do anything and everything you need in order to achieve your specific business goals.

You will have a proven value in the form of the working MVP, and you will beare ready to have a full product developed, meaning:

Continuous Product Development
Full feature set development and ongoing improvements of the product in order to further grow the user base and your business in general. Product optimization based on extensive user feedback, planning and executing new releases, and opening new development tracks - expanding the tech stack and feature set.
Technical and product guidance
Hosting technical and business product roadmap workshops on a regular (agreed upon) basis. Defining and proactively communicating clearly defined ideas and suggestions about further product development, upgrades and new market opportunities which can be leveraged to increase the user base, product performance, usability, and revenue streams.
Partnering with marketing/customer care providers
Our partner and stakeholder network consists of companies that offer marketing, legal, and customer care services. We will gladly help you grow your business and partner with best-in-class agencies offering extensive services to suit your growth.
Custom-tailored services
We know that product development can wildly differ in complexity and resources needed, depending on the industry, your business plan, the tech stack and many other factors. That is why we would like to assure you that we can offer everything you might need or want in the long run - custom services tailored to your specific needs and business goals.

On-premise training

  • Blockchain for Business
  • DApp Developer Course
  • Smart Contract Developers Course
  • Blockchain Solution Architect Course

Framework for identifying business decentralization opportunities

  • Business Model Evaluation
  • Business Decentralization Framework
  • DSCI Blockchain Readiness Index

training and





Knowledge Transfer

In certain cases, the thing you might need or want more than our development services is our knowledge.

That is why we also offer specialized training courses, either remote or on-premise, such as Business Decentralization Framework or Tokenization and Token Design. But honestly, we can do (almost) anything when it comes to blockchain.

The core of our product development process



  • Early access to blockchain infrastructure AWS services
  • High-end DevOps procedures & practices
  • Monitoring and alerting from day one
  • Meticulous CI/CD system for filtering out erroneous code before it reaches mainnet



  • Data at rest encryption at all times
  • Federated secrets
  • Regular 3rd party audits for oracles, smart contracts and infrastructure
  • Making security transparent to the end-user
  • Trustless computing platforms
  • Established frequencies of key rotations

Technologies we use

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Cosmos Blockchain
Blockstack Decentralized computing network and app ecosystem

Technologies we use




I have been working with developers for over 30 years and MVP Workshop are as professional as it gets. Over the past year we’ve been extremely impressed with their communication, their commitment, and most importantly, their ability to ship products on schedule. We will continue to work with them for many years to come.

Alex Mashinsky
Alex Mashinsky
Founder & CEO, Celsius Network

MVP Workshop exudes calm under pressure and raging professionalism in their communication and reliable execution. They are are willing to take risks with us, experiment, and break new ground -- all while deftly weighing out business pressures, industry and technology conditions, and customer interests alongside wily product requirements. MVP made it part of the relationship to truly understand our vision as well as the deeper value we want to deliver and adopted it as their own goal to achieve.

Aaron wood swarm
Aaron Wood
Product & Business Development, Swarm Fund

MVP Workshop simply delivers. Their team has both a broad scope of knowledge and experience to take cutting-edge, top-notch projects from ideation to mockups all the way to production. The product and project management is the best I’ve ever worked with, these guys know how to hit their deadlines.

Keith Baumwald
Keith Baumwald
CMO/CPO, Celsius Network

One of the most satisfying decisions that Swarm has made since its inception has been to partner with MVP Workshop. They have been flawless in delivering products on time and on spec, always carefully balancing business with technical requirements, and on a personal level it's been an absolute pleasure to work with them. At Swarm, we're hoping to forge a long-lasting working relationship with the MVP team and would recommend them for any project looking for a world-class development team.

Sam Stone Swarm
Sam Stone
Product & Business Development, Swarm Fund

After working closely with the MVP Workshop team on our decentralized platform and the ICO, both on tech and business side, I can say that they are one of the very few true professionals that are experts in both spheres of the blockchain space.

One thing that especialy impressed us was their expertise in token economy models. With the very hands on approach and pragmatic advice, their support continues to be invaluable for our project.

Petar Slovic
Petar Slović
COO, Review.Network

MVP Workshop made our switch from building web applications to building decentralized platforms for our clients easy. Their team worked with us to design blockchain architecture solutions for several projects. They didn’t just do the job, but they educated our people in the process, so we are now much better equipped to tackle new projects!

Vuk Popovic
Vuk Popović
CMO/CPO,CEO at Quantox Technology

We are proud to be an AWS Standard Consulting Partner

APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. Consulting Partners include System Integrators, Strategic Consultancies, Agencies, Managed Service Providers, and Value-Added Resellers

Giving back to the decentralized community

Decentralized Business Model Canvas

An interactive tool for evaluating your decentralized business model



The most comprehensive crypto wallet UI kit - a free resource for product developers/UI designers



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