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Empowering Content Creators: The Collaboration of TRIPS and MVP Workshop

What is TRIPS?

TRIPS is revolutionizing the way content creators manage and monetize their copyrights. This innovative platform offers a solution where creators can transform their copyrights into financial assets. By selling partial interests in their copyrights for upfront cash, creators can bridge the gap between future earnings and immediate cash flow needs, all while maintaining complete creative control over their content.

Integrating with blockchain technology, TRIPS ensures the security and immutability of digital provenance, safeguarding creators’ copyrights. Moreover, TRIPS aims to integrate with various video platforms like YouTube. This integration will enable content creators to mint copyrights for videos published on their channels, ensuring rightful ownership and revenue generation.

The Challenges Faced by Content Creators

Content creators often need help accessing financial markets due to the unpredictable nature of their future income. This uncertainty makes it challenging for banks to offer loans, leading to a lack of financial stability for creators. TRIPS recognizes this gap and is determined to empower content creators by unlocking financial assets based on their future revenues. This approach offers financial stability and freedom, contrasting the traditional banking systems that often overlook the unique needs of creators.

The Collaboration with MVP Workshop

TRIPS partnered with MVP Workshop (MVPW) to bring this vision to life. Together, we embarked on developing the MVP version of the TRIPS Protocol. This collaboration focused on showcasing the integration of off-chain data with a dedicated chain, ensuring the safe transfer of information to on-chain systems, and storing this information in a format ready for use in the DeFi world.

MVP Workshop played a crucial role in defining the MVP version of the protocol, aiming to deliver maximum value with minimal development. This involved outlining a development roadmap, identifying risk assumptions, and validating these assumptions in collaboration with TRIPS to minimize unforeseen events.

MVP Workshop’s contribution encompassed various development services, including smart contracts, frontend, backend, and infrastructure. This comprehensive approach ensured a robust and effective solution tailored to TRIPS’s needs.

The Solution and End Result

The TRIPS and MVP Workshop collaboration resulted in a robust and efficient MVP version of the TRIPS Protocol. This solution effectively connects video content platforms with the TRIPS protocol, ensuring the tokenization of copyrights and their secure on-chain storage.

After development, TRIPS concentrated on securing investment for future operations. Their efforts bore fruit, and they successfully raised $2.5M in pre-seed funding. This funding round saw participation from notable investors like Shima Capital, BlackWood Ventures, Animal Capital, Serafund, Calligraphy Digital, Blizzard Fund, and the Avalanche Ecosystem Fund.


The synergy between TRIPS and MVP Workshop has laid the foundation for a new era in content creation. By providing a platform where creators can secure their copyrights and turn them into financial assets, TRIPS, with the help of MVP Workshop, empowers creators with financial freedom and stability, which was once out of reach in the traditional banking system.

MVP Workshop is here to help all ideas launch their MVPs, and if you are in need of help contact us through our website’s contact form.

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