Our work

Polygon Nightfall

First ever Block Explorer on Optimistic-Zero Knowledge
Polygon Nightfall is an Optimistic Rollup designed to lower the cost of privately transferring ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. Nightfall’s hybrid Optimistic-ZK rollup enables efficient and decentralized business transactions with privacy, opening up new possibilities for Enterprises on Web3.

Block Green

Capital market for bitcoin liquidation
Block Green is a decentralized protocol offering new financial products that benefit the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. Living by the Bitcoin ethos, the protocol offers scalable and attractive applications to deploy Bitcoin capital. Together with Block Green team, we’ve built a new, transparent, and accessible capital market with Bitcoin at its core.

Rario (Dream 11)

Marketplace for NFT Digital Collectibles. Powering the next generation of fantasy games.
Rario is a digital collectible platform for cricket fans to collect and trade officially licensed cricket moments on the blockchain, represented as a NFT. It enables fans to engage as a community and invest in tangible sporting moments. It gives the fan the opportunity to 'own' a piece of sport history.


World's first Internet of Things product for cervical cancer screening.
BitCare is developing iScope, the world’s first Blockchain-based Internet of Medical Things, to help women get timely cervical cancer screening services while protecting users’ privacy, controlling AI, and tokenizing health data.

MVP Workshop is at the forefront of Web3 technologies, being one of the pioneers 7 years ago. They possess not only technical expertise but also valuable domain business knowledge, a consulting mindset, and a strong focus on product development. They deliver high-quality products and services with end-to-end solutions in mind.

We worked with MVP Workshop to develop a block explorer for Nightfall, an optimistic rollup with privacy. Our experience with them was superb. They assembled a first class team and led us through the discovery and implementation journey of this tool. They were able to comprehend new technology in very little time, made excellent suggestions and as a result delivered a great product on time. They have been an outstanding partner taking up all design and implementation efforts off our hands. For us it has been a pleasure working with MVP Workshop and I am sure we will ask for their help for future projects. 


​At Polygon Supernets, we provide industry leaders and Fortune 500s the most advanced app-specific blockchain tech to onboard the next billion users to web3. We are excited to onboard MVP Workshop as an implementation partner to offer their premium solutions and support to power dedicated appchains across Enterprise, Gaming, Public Sector and Entertainment.