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Web3 Games Boosting Adoption On a Global Scale

Web3 has revolutionized several industries, including gaming. With a major shift from traditional gaming platforms, Web3 games allow players to

First Belgrade Polkadot Meetup

3327 and MVP Workshop, alongside Parity, organized the first in-person Polkadot Meetup in Belgrade. It was a blast. Everything! From

Web 3.0 Balkan Community Building

Did you know that the Web 3.0 Balkan Community gathers once a month in Belgrade? The first Blockemon event was

Career In Web3 – How To Start?

The Web3 industry has seemingly been all about the hype in the past year. But if you are skin-deep in

MVP Workshop is assisting Polygon in building Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains

As you have probably noticed, Matic Network has officially become Polygon, Ethereum’s Internet of blockchains. The ex-Matic team has expanded

Proudly presenting: Substrate Blockchain Starter Kit

Our team dedicated to innovations has successfully completed a project supported by the Web3 Foundation grant called Substrate Blockchain Starter

The Ultimate Guide to Ethereum 2.0 – All You Need To Know

According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, right behind Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin’s brainchild positioned itself as

EthDNS Introduction: ENS and IPFS Join Forces to Make .eth Available as DNS

A couple of months ago, we discussed a significant step forward taken by the Ethereum community — the introduction of