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Web 3.0 Balkan Community Building

Did you know that the Web 3.0 Balkan Community gathers once a month in Belgrade? The first Blockemon event was held in February, aimed at networking and developing the community in the Balkans.

At the first meetup, we had Milos from Trapesys and Stefan from Tempus Finance, who walked us through Polygon Edge and a way how to build more secure smart contracts. The next event, held in late March, was dedicated to NFTs. We talked about the technocultural revolution, the concept of the ALL.ART protocol, found out why it takes 300 hours to make a sculpture based on NFT and what is hidden under the hood of the AirBro tool.

Next month we’re talking about another web3 topic – join us on Telegram to keep up with the news!

Since the dawn of time, communities have been the best way people have come together and created outstanding solutions that define the world we live in today. We believe that the same principle needs to be applied in the Web 3.0 and Blockchain industry. That is why in this blog post, we want to take you through some of the most significant communities and news in the Web 3.0 industry that is present in the Balkans currently, and our plan to connect them all into one.

Web 3.0 News Around Balkan

Recently there has been much exciting news coming from Balkan regarding Web 3.0 and the Blockchain industry. Here are just some of the groundbreaking stuff that has happened in the past six months.

Tenderly is Conquering EVM Based Blockchains

Tenderly, a software company that has created a platform for building, monitoring, and improving smart contracts on various blockchains, is from Belgrade, Serbia. Supporting networks like Mainnet, Polygon, and BSC while also being trusted by big companies in the crypto space like Uniswap, Aave and Chainlink tell you that they are doing a fantastic job contributing to the development of the Web 3.0 industry. You can check their work on this link.

Polygon SDK and PoC Development

As you have probably heard somewhere on the internet, Matic has officially become Polygon. Polygon’s primary mission is to enable Ethereum to scale properly through Layer 2 solutions and standalone chains.

Being co-founded by a man from Balkan called Mihailo Bjelic, MVP Workshop was delighted to join in and help develop Polygon because they share the same core values: the belief in open standards and finding ways to facilitate the mass adoption of innovative technologies. MVP Workshop is currently developing Polygon Software Development Kit that will enable people to spawn Polygon networks. They are also working on a DEX using a Polygon sidechain that can communicate with the Ethereum main network using Zero-Knowledge proofs. This is an end-user PoC and just a small example of what can be created with Polygon. If you are interested in reading further, check out this post from our blog.

Celsius Acquired a Part of MVP Workshop‘s Startup Studio

Celsius, the industry-leading cryptocurrency rewards-earning platform, announced the acquisition of an 80-people strong team from MVP Workshop’s startup studio, a leader in blockchain product development, based in Belgrade, Serbia. Following more than three years of close collaboration, the team already dedicated to Celsius at MVP will join Celsius full time.

With this acquisition, Celsius will form a Belgrade-based product development center, adding on the research and development team based in Tel Aviv. This move exemplifies the continued commitment of Celsius to invest in and expand its technical capacity and outlines the MVP Workshop team’s trust in Celsius and its mission.

News like these are just the ones that highlight how many things have and will come out from Balkan regarding Web 3.0, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Shard Labs’s IBetYou Platform

Shard Labs is a blockchain development studio from Croatia that started in 2019 as a startup and has been rising since. They are offering services of project execution from the ground up. They are also offering individual services like blockchain development, custom software development, and also DevOps. Read more about their journey here.

One of their most exciting projects is a platform called IBetYou which essentially is a fair betting platform. IBetYou works on a principle of smart contracts where both users place their bets in a smart contract that later uses AAVE yield farming protocols until the bet receives the outcome. Upon completing the bet, the smart contract releases the funds to the winner’s wallet and the judges who cooperated. You can use and read more about the platform on this link.

NodeFactory’s Many Projects

NodeFactory is a blockchain R&D company based in Zagreb, Croatia. Like Shard Labs, they offer complete project development services alongside blockchain development, consulting, and infrastructure services. They have created many unique projects that are making their mark in the Web 3.0 industry. Some of these projects are ChainGuardian and NovaProtocol. ChainGuardian is a tool for Ethereum 2.0 validators that lets them have insights into their performance as validators. NovaProtocol is a commercial data marketplace platform that enables companies to request data on anything from anywhere in the world. For more information about the rest of their remarkable projects, you can visit this website.

Balkan Web 3.0 Communities

Besides the actual news originating from Balkan regarding Web 3.0, many established websites, groups, and communities report and spread the word about Web 3.0 and Blockchain on Balkan. We will check out some of the most popular ones down below.

Serbian Blockchain Initiative

Serbian Blockchain Initiative is a non-profit organization that supports Blockchain adoption in Serbia and enables Serbian businesses to use blockchain technology to compete globally. Next to their services, they also have a news and blog tab where you can read more about blockchain news regarding Serbia and Balkan. Check them out by clicking here.

3327 Community Discord

This would not be a community list if we did not add discord from our R&D unit 3327! 3327 discord server is packed with all things Web 3.0 that you are interested in. Members of this community discord server are from all over the world, and topics discussed range from general Web 3.0 stuff, design and development to Solidity, hackathons, and much more! Join in on the fun by clicking this link.


UBIK is a shortened version of “Udruga za blockchain i valute.” UBIK is a community from Croatia that is focused on discussing all things blockchain and Web 3.0. Their goal is to impact education, knowledge, and exploring new technologies using Web 3.0. UBIK also has a regularly updated blog as recent news arrive and has a forum for community discussions. You can check them out here.

Connecting the communities

We have mentioned earlier that we firmly believe in the effectiveness of large community groups. That is why we now want to present a few solutions to merging all of these minor Web 3.0 and Blockchain communities into one big Balkan Web 3.0/Crypto community to make a massive impact together in the industry.

3327 Summer Camp

We are proud to announce that we have created 3327 Web 3.0 Summer Camp that started this July and end in October.

Tesla R&D Tower 3327

3327 Summer Camp Explained

3327 Summer Camp is a hackathon-like Web 3.0 themed summer school that consists of 6 biweekly challenges covering a range of topics from the Web 3.0 universe. Challenges can be completed individually or in teams of 5 people, and the rewards for the best three teams for each challenge are in cryptocurrency.

The goal of the Summer Camp is to introduce new people into the vast world of Web 3.0 and also provide people with already established experience a chance to compete and connect with people who are already part of the industry itself.

Anyone can apply for Summer Camp, and the best part about it is that you do not need to participate in every challenge. Instead, you can apply for whatever challenge you want and start from there with all the documentation from the previous challenges being given to you. On top of all of this, the best candidates will have a chance of landing a job opportunity in the 3227 crew! If this sounds interesting to you and you want to get more information about Summer Camp, you can click here to read more and even apply to hang out with us this summer!

Biweekly Defi Call

Apart from our Summer Camp and Discord community, we also like to organize biweekly Defi calls where people can join and discuss all the Web 3.0 and DeFi news and events held recently.


People from all over the Balkan have been creating fantastic stuff in the past, and we firmly believe that we have just started scratching the surface of Web 3.0 and the Blockchain industry. This is our call to everyone who are passionate about these subjects. Help us create the biggest Web 3.0 community to date by joining our Discord, Summer Camp, and Defi calls. Also, invite everyone you know that would like to join the crew.

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