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How Do We Call Execution Without An Idea?

You have probably been familiar with the question – what is an idea without execution? Let’s reverse this question. Well,

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

In 2012 I have joined Devana Technologies and ManageWP as Head of Customer Experience. A year later I was promoted

MVP Manifesto

A Manifesto is an idea which has its own dynamic and its own pace! It provides specific ideas, but there is a deeper theme that drives many, but not all, to be sure, members of the Manifesto alliance. So, you should treat Manifesto as your contribution to the society from which something greater is arising.

European startup conferences guide for 2017

Almost every city in Europe has a bunch of events for startups to visit. If you don’t want to spend all year long visiting startup conferences you need to read our guide. We can help you find the best events…

Business Pivoting Types – Continue or Pivot?

Do you continue what you’re doing, or do you pivot? Should you stick to your business model or switch to Plan B? Is there even a Plan B? These are one of the hardest questions for startup founders everywhere.

Why Should You Use the MVP Approach?

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a strategy for avoiding the development of products that customers do not want.

4 Qualities Every MVP Needs From its Product Manager

When creating a Minimum Viable Product there are a few specific qualities you should seek out in your product manager

Forget About NDA When Talking to Investors

Let us start with a simple question – what’s the point of an NDA from the point of view of an early stage entrepreneur?

Setting Goals at an Early Stage Startup

Setting goals is hard. Setting goals without a product, users or metrics at hand is even harder. So, can it be done and how?

When Should I Get Branding?

When your startup is ready to leave the garage, that is when you should start thinking about branding.

Estonia as the New Startup Nation

Hemingway once wrote that ‘In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found’. Small wonder, then, if you find an Estonian entrepreneur in every tech hub.

Value Innovations: How to deliver value to your clients?

How to deliver superior value to your clients? You should understand their needs better than anyone …

Growth Hacking VS Digital Marketing

What is Growth Hacking? Isn’t Growth Hacking the same thing as Digital Marketing? How do you differentiate Growth Hackers from other marketers?

5 Lies You Were Told About Hiring

Hiring is one of the riskiest but most rewarding processes in a company which makes it a controversial subject. So let’s talk about hiring?

JavaScript Is Eating The World

Let’s talk about why you should use JavaScript in your MVP whenever you can. Yes, really. It’s a good idea whether you like it or not. 🙂