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Acquisition and Future Plans

As you all probably know, Celsius Network has recently acquired from MVP Workshop a part of a startup studio that

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

In 2012 I have joined Devana Technologies and ManageWP as Head of Customer Experience. A year later I was promoted

Fake It Before You Make It – MVP Types Pt.2

Starting your own business or creating something new none of this is easy to do. But with the right approach or right MVP type, building business doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Minimum Viable Product Types

You know what your MVP is but not sure which type is best for your business? In the sea of MVP types it’s sometimes hard to swim, so let’s group them a bit.

Run Away From Vanity Metrics

Startups that focus on the real metrics can make their products better, attract more customers, and make them happier…