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Acquisition and Future Plans

As you all probably know, Celsius Network has recently acquired from MVP Workshop a part of a startup studio that worked exclusively on the Celsius project. More than 50 blockchain engineers, designers, and product managers have joined the newly-founded Celsius Europe, a Belgrade-based product development center.

It’s been a long journey, and we’re excited about everything that lies ahead. Now is probably the best moment to remind ourselves about all that we’ve achieved over the years.

Since the summer of 2017, we have been the first external partner and an integral part of the Celsius Network. We have spent a year doing R&D, making tens of experiments and PoCs – from social credit scores, trading platform, p2p lending, ultimately leading to a wallet with the biggest interest rates on the market. We helped the Celsius crew launch an ICO in 2018, both from the technical side and actively participating in marketing strategy and community building. And have been a vital partner in developing and growing Celsius ever since.

Working on and scaling Celsius was the first big challenge for the MVP Workshop. After four years of collaboration, we have decided to join forces, and Celsius acquired the part of our startup studio that worked exclusively on the Celsius project. All full-time employees have joined Celsius Europe and will work closely with the R&D team in Tel Aviv, helping build the future of banking.

That being said, as MVP Workshop remains 100% ours, it will continue to work as a venture builder focused on Web 3.0 ideas.

MVPW had over 50 clients with different needs, budgets, and project duration during the last four years. Nowadays, a couple of them are multi-million projects. The rest didn’t make it, simply –  the world wasn’t ready yet. Besides providing a variety of services for the clients, we’ve worked on our own ideas and products. That led to the creation of an internal R&D lab which became what is now known as 3327.

Our 3327 crew works closely with the leading companies in the industry – from Web3 Foundation and Polkadot over Bitcoin.com to Polygon.

Besides Celsius, MVPW venture builder has been actively involved in the Polygon project in the last two years. Now we are turning towards internal ideas and projects, looking to further support Web 3.0 growth.

Plans For The Future

The future of MVP Workshop does not lie in the massive machinery, huge crowd, and service business, but in a portfolio of a startup studio where everyone makes custom culture, processes, and way of work specifically for the needs of the project. That will enable us to both use the best practices for creating startups and experiment more and innovate further.

Our vision of the future of work and collaboration is not exclusively in working for a salary – in all of our startups we’ve always aimed to have transparent finances, benefits, and bonus schemes for the team. In the months to come, we will dedicate more attention to the DAO concepts and individual economy on a small scale.

We helped Celsius to go from 0 to 1 and it has been a joyfully rough ride with lots of life and business lessons and also with a lot of value created and value captured stuff from and for MVP Workshop. Now, on this fork or semi-merger of teams, we hope that Celsius will continue to grow as a standalone company and create even more value than it captures in years to come, which for us at MVP Workshop is the main definition of a good platform – more value creation than value captured. That magic relation between value captured and created is something that we will continue to work on via 3327, DAOs, startup studio model, new ventures, and other feats, because in the relation between these two lie all other values of Web 3.0 – privacy, decentralization, freedom, sovereignty, quadratic funding. And that is what we do – we aim to create these values in years to come.

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