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How to Design Token Economy?

Imagine being a chieftain of an ancient tribe where the concept of money doesn’t exist. There are no banks, which

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating A Cryptocurrency

In this article, you will learn how cryptocurrencies work and how to create a cryptocurrency of your own. We will go through the best solutions, differences between tokens and coins, nodes, token economics and everything else you might need along the way.

A Year in Blockchain: 2019 Recap and What to Expect in 2020?

2019 was an interesting year in the blockchain world. Blockchain finally took the spotlight from cryptocurrencies, and it was recognized as

This Month in Blockchain – November 2019

The blockchain industry has been very active lately, which has resulted in numerous important announcements, launches, breakthroughs and more. The

This Month in Blockchain — July 2019

It’s official — the big players are entering the blockchain game. It is still too early to predict whether that is a good thing for the industry, but most of these corporations (seem to) have honest intentions with t…

If Libra Is Crypto, Then Blockchain Has Sent Men to the Moon

Facebook made a huge step forward towards making a cryptocurrency of their own called Libra by introducing a white paper for the project.Presented as an innovative “global currency” that woul…

This Month in Blockchain — June 2019

It seems that crypto seasons coincide with the four seasons of nature, as the community is on the brink of announcing the crypto winner due to a sudden jump in the price of bitcoin and other cryptos.Furthermore, we w…

This Month in Blockchain — May 2019

As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer.
William Shakespeare
The quote above (at least the first part) is definitely something that describes the blockchain industry right now. It …

This Month in Blockchain — April 2019

Our planet has four seasons that arrive more or less on time every year. However, we still cannot predict whether the crypto winter is going to last a little longer.Pessimists claim that we are in for a long night a…

Hybrid Gaming – How is Blockchain Affecting the Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry constantly going through rapid — bubbles will burst only to be replaced by new ones. The growing democratization of game development lead to flooding of the marke…

MVP Workshop Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

MVP Workshop, a Blockchain Product Research & Development Studio, announced today that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), a de facto standards organization for enterprise blockchain — one that is backed by the largest developer c…

Looking Back at Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019 — Blockchain Panel

The second Western Balkans Digital Summit (#DSWB) took place on April 4–5 in Belgrade, at the Palace of Serbia. Among 3000 attendees in the summit were various organizations, busines…

Business Decentralization and Removing the Middleman

Business decentralization is a natural process for globally oriented firms aiming for the global market. Decentralized business has certain characteristics like delegating decisions, greater efficiency, and more ideas from different sources. Managing b…

Swarm and MVP Workshop Building First-ever Globally Compliant Blockchain Protocol

Our team at MVP Workshop is pleased to announce yet another successful partnership! This time, we’ve partnered up with Swarm in order to help them design and build an open Market Access Protocol and a decentralized STO issuance platform for asset token…

Burn and Mint Equilibrium Pro’s and Con’s

Before diving into the Burn and Mint equilibrium (BME) itself, let’s take a look at what equilibrium actually stands for.For the sake of simplicity, we are going to take into account a simple product such as pap…

This Month in Blockchain — March 2019

March was a pretty busy month for the MVP Workshop team. Apart from visiting the 2019 EthCC and announcing the Stellar Technology Company partnership, they have been actively contributing to the blockchain industry …

How to List a Token and Where — Differences Between CEX and DEX

One of the many reasons behind the invention of blockchain was the need to separate trading networks from the centralized world. However, the current state of crypto exchange networks is so…

This Month in Blockchain – January 2019

The New Year, New Me stock phrase may be applied to blockchain as well, depending on who you ask. January is

Blockchain Events You Should Visit in 2019

UPDATE [31.03.2020]: For all those interested, we made a full list of online crypto and blockchain events. So make sure

All about Airdrops

Find out why Airdrops have become a common tool for teams seeking to get their platforms to stand out from

Review.Network Market Research and User Reviews Case Studies

Review.Network’s goal is to improve the communication between brands and consumers. Our goal is to help people improve the products