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How to Design Token Economy?

Imagine being a chieftain of an ancient tribe where the concept of money doesn’t exist. There are no banks, which

Intellectual Property in the Age of Blockchain

Intellectual property includes all intangible creations of the human intellect. It involves patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade secrets, even plant varieties. Whether you create a piece of code, signature system, innovative …

Swarm and MVP Workshop Building First-ever Globally Compliant Blockchain Protocol

Our team at MVP Workshop is pleased to announce yet another successful partnership! This time, we’ve partnered up with Swarm in order to help them design and build an open Market Access Protocol and a decentralized STO issuance platform for asset token…

How to List a Token and Where — Differences Between CEX and DEX

One of the many reasons behind the invention of blockchain was the need to separate trading networks from the centralized world. However, the current state of crypto exchange networks is so…

Blockchain, the story of Business Tokenization and Liquidity

Approximately two years ago a friend told me he’d invest a small amount of money in bitcoin, and he was curious whether he’s on the right track with the investment so he asked what I thought of it as an economist. It was wintertime and I was worried th…

Tokenizing Real-Estate: What Are the Benefits, Pitfalls, and Misconceptions of Tokenizing Assets?

The real estate market is very complex. The reason for this is that there are always multiple stakeholders involved, large amounts of money on the line, different people that specialize in different areas, and regulations that are dependant on jurisdic…

Blockchain 2019 resolution: Keep it real and show me the money

Let’s be honest, Blockchain has a branding issue, and all the buzz and speculation around it is not solving the

Blockchain, the Story of Decentralization and Tokenization

What is Blockchain and why should you care? First published in ESTIEM Magazine In essence, Blockchain is just a transactional database