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How to Design Token Economy?

Imagine being a chieftain of an ancient tribe where the concept of money doesn’t exist. There are no banks, which

If Libra Is Crypto, Then Blockchain Has Sent Men to the Moon

Facebook made a huge step forward towards making a cryptocurrency of their own called Libra by introducing a white paper for the project.Presented as an innovative “global currency” that woul…

Looking Back at Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019 — Blockchain Panel

The second Western Balkans Digital Summit (#DSWB) took place on April 4–5 in Belgrade, at the Palace of Serbia. Among 3000 attendees in the summit were various organizations, busines…

Business Decentralization and Removing the Middleman

Business decentralization is a natural process for globally oriented firms aiming for the global market. Decentralized business has certain characteristics like delegating decisions, greater efficiency, and more ideas from different sources. Managing b…