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Where does Zero Knowledge meet Machine Learning?

What is ZKML? Zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) is a fantastic merge of two seemingly unrelated worlds – Zero-Knowledge and Machine

Governance Token – Road to Decentralization

Web3 jungle is full of new terms and concepts that regular Joe and Jane are unfamiliar with. To reach a

MVP Workshop at Aeternity Starfleet 3 Malta

MVP Workshop had the honour of taking part at Aeternity Starfleet 3 Malta, November 5/6 2019. As a blockchain product

Berlin Blockchain Week – Thoughts & Tech Highlights

TL;DR – we attended Berlin Blockchain Week which included Web3 Summit, DappCon, and our own community event organized at Parity

Decentralized Business Model Canvas #1

When MVP Workshop entered the blockchain product development space a couple of years ago, we had to use the existing tools and frameworks for evaluating decentralized business models which are the cornerstone of every blockchain-related product and ser…

How Is GDPR Failing and How Can Blockchain Help?

One of the most essential data privacy regulations that has been brought in during the last two decades could be fundamentally wrong when it comes to how it perceives the privacy and security of data.Data Is the New OilA century ago, oil companies were…

Intellectual Property in the Age of Blockchain

Intellectual property includes all intangible creations of the human intellect. It involves patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade secrets, even plant varieties. Whether you create a piece of code, signature system, innovative …

Business Decentralization and Removing the Middleman

Business decentralization is a natural process for globally oriented firms aiming for the global market. Decentralized business has certain characteristics like delegating decisions, greater efficiency, and more ideas from different sources. Managing b…

Blockchain 2019 resolution: Keep it real and show me the money

Let’s be honest, Blockchain has a branding issue, and all the buzz and speculation around it is not solving the

Blockchain, the Story of Decentralization and Tokenization

What is Blockchain and why should you care? First published in ESTIEM Magazine In essence, Blockchain is just a transactional database