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How Do We Call Execution Without An Idea?

You have probably been familiar with the question – what is an idea without execution? Let’s reverse this question. Well,

Dedicated Teams — A Winning Approach to Blockchain Development

In this article, we will talk about the dedicated team model, the pros and cons of it, and explain why is it a good choice for the development of blockchain products.

Five Ways Blockchain Can Transform Traditional Business and Impact the Market in the Future

The global economy has been in the process of digitalization since the 1960s. Previous digital technologies were used to improve business processes mainly by delivering the same results in a faster and safer manner.Blockchain, however, presents us with…

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

In 2012 I have joined Devana Technologies and ManageWP as Head of Customer Experience. A year later I was promoted

What is your Riskiest Assumption?

Do you find yourself thinking about decisions you’ve made, were they right and What exactly defines them as such?