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It’s time for First Product MeetUp Serbia

It’s today! We are only a couple of hours away from the first Product MeetUp Serbia, and everyone is excited.

While the Software outsourcing business gets more recognition with every passing day, own Product development is still its infancy in Serbia.

We want to bring together Product Managers from both corporate and startup world and build a Product Management Community.

Get ready for networking and mingle with the best product managers from Serbia. In this post we would like to give you an overall idea of what we have planned for you and what can you expect.

But first …

Product management is, before everything else, management. We’re not using that word in a negative context, i.e., supervising people, or processes. Product management, in essence, is about communication and moving the needle on your product in the cross-org environment. The older you are, the better you tend to get in managing expectations, listening, and maintaining clarity.

Most of the Great Ideas Are Counter-intuitive by Nature

The opening talk will be “MVP Misconceptions” followed by a little bit of everything.

Product MeetUp Serbia is organized with the great help of our partners, Startit center, and KickAssGrowth. However, we would like for this to be a Community effort – so any company or an individual that wants to join in and share his/her knowledge is more than welcome.

Your host and main speaker at this event will be Ivan Bjelajac. After being with the industry for sixteen years and being involved in multiple products and startup launches, he knows that the biggest issue startups face is the fact that most of the great ideas tend to be counter-intuitive.

MVP Misconceptions

Minimum Viable Product is a tool/product you can use to validate a risky assumption about your market, customers or product.

In essence, it is a product built with the purpose to maximize learning and minimize time to market.

This is why there are so many misconceptions about MVP being an unpolished or unfinished or an early stage product. It is not. It might not be related to your end-game product at all. Do you want to hear more about those fallacies of composition? Come and join us with your thoughts on this. The goal is to reveal all of them. Or just two.

Let’s say that we believe:

Technical and Product debts are Necessary & Manageable

The MVP is not an early stage of a product. It is a “product” used to validate a risky assumption, and it is not supposed to be scalable. It is, however, supposed to enable your quick go to market strategy to see if you are building the right product or not.

This is why when thinking about early-stage products, technical debt should be managed not avoided.

Companies like Google use the strangler pattern approach to manage technical debt and implement changes and optimize their software going forward.

“It’s our job to get users to a safe place”.

Have you ever hear of a Geek Pride Day? If there’s a day to feel proud to be a geek, this is it.

First Product Meetup Serbia Is Waiting for You

And 100 geeks who have already confirmed their seats. See you all @Startit for a night of MVP truths and celebration of #Geek Pride Day. Don’t forget to use #ProductMeetUpSerbia hashtag on Twitter and share your photos and comments with us.

If you are not able to come let us know and we will add you to our Community Slack channel, productowning.slack.com Leave us a quick comment in the comment section below.

See you there.


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