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The Power of Web3 Workshops

Why are we workshopping?

Experimenting and playing around is deeply rooted in the culture of MVP Workshop. We all know that the web3 industry is extremely fast-paced and ever-changing. With these two things in mind, workshops are an obvious solution that keeps us sharp and responsive in this environment and brings the most value to our partners. They help validate the idea quicker by collaborating with a diverse team of web3 specialists, developers, and domain experts who can bring the concept from idea to specification in a few days.

Whether a product is starting from scratch, pivoting, or in the growth phase of adding new value to the existing customer base, our combination of web3 tech expertise and product savviness can bring massive value to any idea in a short period of time.

We all know that coding is the most expensive and time-consuming part of developing software products. This is why we at MVP Workshop strongly believe that preparation and research are essential. This means we lay solid foundations by identifying all the risks and tackling all the unknowns ahead of the actual development.

Our 8 years of experience in web3 product ideation and blockchain tech excellence make an ideal combination for polishing any web3 idea into a working product that can be tested and validated in the real world.

The Workshop Agenda Builder

Like all great engineers, we despise needless repetition. This is why we have crafted a tool to help us generate workshop agendas. 

Depending on the needs of the product, the level of detail of the documentation provided, and the phase the product is in, we gather our cross-functional team of experts who sit down and pick just the suitable sessions and activities from our palette of 50+ different sessions.

Our simple but effective Workshop Agenda Builder generates the workshop outline in just a couple of clicks while also assessing what experts are required and when during the workshop.

Our workshop approach is holistic, spanning six different modules, and brings immense value to shaping any web3 idea into working software. We take pride in providing a well-rounded, thorough, and precious experience, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to meet and exceed expectations.

Workshop Modules

Each product requires a unique approach. This is why we handcraft every workshop with the care that it deserves. We defined more than 50 different sessions and activities that are thoughtfully planned to push every idea closer to realization and systematically pose critical questions that will define solutions to the problem.

Our sessions are divided into Business, Product, Design, Tokenomics, Tech, and Delivery.

01 | Business

Every idea must be challenged, especially in the ever-changing wild web3 world. During the Business part of our Workshops, our experienced BizDev team tears the initial idea apart, pokes holes in it, compares it with current market solutions, and puts it through our rigorous Decentralized Business Model Canvas. Following the Business module, we validate the idea and unearth its unique market edge. Conversely, it’s a make-or-break stage where only the most vital ideas thrive while the rest fade into obscurity.

02 | Product

Our Product Module is a laser-focused endeavor centered on defining the core problem, diligently crafting a comprehensive MVP, and drowning out all extraneous distractions. Our finely tuned, methodical approach guarantees an MVP primed for real-world validation within the shortest timeframes. It strikes an elegant equilibrium, perfectly blending functionality, innovation, and usability.

03 | Design

After collaboratively defining the MVP, our creative team embarks on an exhilarating journey to craft an enchanting user experience that distinguishes the product and resonates with the values we aim to convey to the users. Drawing from our rich portfolio of triumphant web3 products and adventurous experiments, our designers generate a clickable, low-fidelity prototype. This prototype provides an immersive preview of the product’s real-world behavior, allowing us to experience its potential firsthand.

04 | Tokenomics

Dealing with a token involves navigating the intricate realm of complex calculations and in-depth research. Our team of tokenomics experts takes charge of much of this heavy lifting within the Tokenomics Module of the workshop. Leveraging the purpose-built MVP Workshop Token Modelling Canvas, we embark on a journey to architect and comprehend how your blockchain token effectively generates value and motivates participants within a decentralized ecosystem. This structured approach meticulously delineates the token’s value proposition, key stakeholders, and technical features.

05 | Tech

Ethereum or Polygon? Solidity or Rust? Once seasoned coding experts delve into the MVP’s essential features; they can make these decisions with closed eyes. Armed with years of expertise with contributions to diverse ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Filecoin, and more, our development team is primed to deliver the optimal tech solution tailored to the product’s unique requirements. We provide an extensive array of proprietary internal tools that provide us with a distinct advantage, guaranteeing the flawless execution of the product.

06 | Delivery

Once every detail is defined, and we share a crystal-clear vision of our collective goals, our proficient Delivery team takes the reins. The mission of the Delivery module is twofold: first, to chart out and preemptively address any potential project-halting risks; and second, to craft an all-encompassing strategy for translating the concept from paper into a fully functional software solution that promises an engaging user experience. This is also the juncture at which we harmonize our tactical plan with the long-term objectives and overarching vision.

How do we do workshops?

Each workshop is thoroughly customized to align seamlessly with the product’s unique needs. Regardless of how well-researched the concept is or which phase of development it currently resides in, we possess the flexibility to identify the most fitting approach.

The workshop’s duration depends on a few key variables: the selection of the six available modules we need to encompass and the depth at which we intend to delve into each subject. This can span anywhere from a concise one-week engagement to a more extensive four-week immersion. Additionally, the choice of conducting the workshop onsite or in a virtual setting may also influence the workshop’s timeline.

Throughout this phase, a dedicated team of specialists takes full responsibility for orchestrating all the sessions and meticulously crafting and validating all deliverables. Typically, this core team comprises a Product Manager, a Product Designer, and a Tech Lead, although it can be tailored to align with the workshop’s primary focus. For instance, if the workshop leans heavily towards tokenomics, a Tokenomics Expert becomes an integral core team member. In addition to the core team, an array of web3 experts spanning various domains actively partake as collaborators in pivotal sessions, contributing their expertise to refine and enhance the concept throughout its evolution.

Benefits of workshops

When starting a Workshop at MVPW, an idea embarks on a transformative journey guided by many expert perspectives. Each of these facets contributes substantial value to refining the initial concept. And the outcome? A validated business idea, a meticulously defined MVP, a clickable low-fidelity prototype of the product, elucidated token dynamics, a clear assessment of the pros and cons of the chosen tech stack, and a realistic roadmap for iterative delivery, complete with a tangible launch date.

Armed with this comprehensive arsenal, you gain the confidence to engage with investors, kickstart the development of a compelling proof of concept, or initiate the creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) without the slightest delay.

Happy Workshopping!

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