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MVP Workshop — Standard Consulting Partner of AWS

As a company in the blockchain industry, our primary goal is to focus as much as possible on building groundbreaking products in the crypto space instead of focusing on manual processes, traditional infrastructure, and other DevOps related tasks, all of which are the backbone of Internet-related products.

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Back in 2015, if you wanted to have a self-hosted Ethereum Node, you needed to have a couple of hundred megabytes to spare on your disk space. Over the years, that measly volume you could fit on a few CDs has grown to a couple of hundred gigabytes, and it became evident that the future of blockchain won’t be on our desktop computers and laptops but rather on the cloud.

Faced with reality, we had two choices:

Option one was to take the easy path and deliver only software and cold working code without worrying how the product will run, for how long, or for how many users.

Option number two *crackling thunderstorm sounds* was a bit more challenging — design, develop, and deliver solid products while focusing on the system as a whole and not only on its parts.

Naturally, we picked the hard path (because who wouldn’t?). In order to deliver products of the highest quality, we introduced a few checklist tasks for every product that goes out of our door:

☑️ We should have the ability to showcase, demo, and test the entire system on the test network and infrastructure from day one of the development.

☑️ The core principle is the priority of both security and stability; no trade-offs with these two.

☑️ Complete transparency of operations, metrics, alerts, and insight; if something is happening in the system, we need to know where, when, and why it is happening.

By sticking to these three principles we can have the best preventive measure against any technical problems that may occur later in production.

In order for MVP Workshop to accomplish all of that, we’ve combined our expertise in product development with the services that AWS has to offer.


There are multiple ways in which we use services provided by the AWS. For example, one of AWS’ services helps us build a reproducible infrastructure. Even though the process is not easy, equipped with Hashicorp’s Terraform, AWS’ CloudFormation, and a concise set of well-established practices in software and system architecture, we’ve made the whole process somewhat “trivial”.

Another example comes with the security and stability of systems in general. Keep in mind that not all blockchain products rely solely on blockchain and that not all hacks and data breaches of blockchain products are due to weaknesses in the blockchain itself.

Therefore, when you are operating blockchain nodes or managing hundreds of thousands of software wallets while also providing oracle services, you must treat the security of the system in the same manner as any bank or payment processor would — with no compromise.

By utilizing AWS Shield, flexible firewall, network ACL configurations, and WAF services, we, our clients, as well as our clients’ customers can all have a peace of mind.

AWS features such as managed database clusters, AutoScaling Groups, and managed container clusters help us develop stable systems without sacrificing security.

Another AWS’ solution that the MVP Workshop uses is AWS’ Identity and Access Management Service. If you have ever used any AWS product, with or without your knowledge, you have also been utilizing AWS’ IAM that grants you the ability to tightly seal and control who and what can gain access to certain parts of the system and under what conditions. If you combine IAM with CloudTrail, which is the complete access auditing service, you can be certain that nothing will go undetected and that no unauthorized access will be possible.

Last but not least, due to AWS’ CloudWatch, it is possible for us to create the application and system metrics dashboards that provide us with insight and alarm us whenever something odd is happening.

As you can see, AWS plays a major role in the long-term success of the products we stand behind. Since MVP Workshop is an AWS Standard Consulting Partner, we have great confidence in AWS. Therefore, we consider them the perfect platform for our customers to build their products on.

If you wish to discover more about our studio, partner up or work with us, feel free to explore our services at mvpworkshop.co

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