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Let’s build great Web3 products together!

We are a team of blockchain professionals – consultants, developers, engineers, designers, and marketers – with a common goal of exploring cutting-edge technologies, focused on building Web 3.0 solutions.

Our primary goal is simple – building
innovative products that actually work, in the
real world with real people. To us, it’s all about
constant improvement and sharing our
valuable insights and knowledge regarding the
implementation of blockchain-based
innovative solutions, regardless of our
backgrounds, as well as providing our founders
with the right product building advice and

These are just some of the employee benefits we can offer:
Unlimited paid vacation

Just make sure your teammates are timely informed and they can do their job without you.

Travel & Education

Order books, courses and travel to conferences so you can learn more about the Web3 indeustry.

Transparent salary model

While we don’t publicize salaries, all details are openly available from your managers upon request.

Remote first

You can work from wherever you want.
We also have office and coworking spaces in downtown Belgrade and Novi Sad you can use anytime.

Flexible working hours

You are the master of your own time. As long as you get everything done and attend essential meetings.

Open positions



Solidity Developer


Head of Marketing & Communications




Open application

Any seniority

We feel it is important to let you know how the recruiting process works here at
MVP Workshop. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from us:

01Resume review

Upon submission we will respond by email to confirm that your resume has been received and will be reviewed thoroughly by our team.

02Intro chat

If you are selected as a promising candidate for the position you applied for, you will be contacted via email in order to schedule the introductory interview.


In this step, we will cover the technical side of your experience. Naturally, technical assessments are dependant on the position type and seniority, but don’t worry – just do your best and show us what you got.

04Final Interview

We will invite you for a one final call with one of the more senior members of the team. This will give you an opportunity to learn more about the big picture of our organization.

If for any reason we choose not to move forward at any point in the recruiting process, we will give a thorough and actionable feedback, since this is a great learning opportunity for both us and you to learn and grow.

If you think that your qualifications do not match the criteria of a current position, we suggest you give it a go nonetheless and don’t worry too much about it – your resume will be kept on file for future consideration.

our projects & tools


An open-source solution designed to transform Polkadot's DEX landscape, designed to simplify asset exchange.

Web3 Technology Radar

The tool that allows easy representation of the current state of technologies and their movement in the Web3 universe. All the information comes from Web3 builders and researchers from 3327 and the community formed around it.

Substrate Starter Kit

Substrate Blockchain Starter Kit allows you to create a blockchain based on custom logic simply by drag and dropping pallets.

Decentralized Business Model Canvas

An interactive tool for evaluating your decentralized business model

ChainForge | Internal tooling

ChainForge Framework is our internal tool tailored for the development of blockchain-centric solutions, integrating both Web3 and Web2 components.

Token Modeling Canvas

Our take on a framework for designing balanced and sustainable tokenomics models

Token Stream | Internal development

TokenStream is a highly customizable internal tool developed to streamline the distribution of test tokens among developers and testers.