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41 Frequently Asked Questions About Blockchain Development

We’ve made a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients. Feel free to take a look at our FAQ article to learn more not only about the way we work, but also about the way disruptive products, blockchain development, and cryptocurrency development work.

Feel free to browse through our set of questions or use the search bar and learn more about our approach to blockchain products.


What services do you offer?

We’re a product development studio. We specialize in Decentralized Business Models, Tokenization of Assets, and Web3 Product Development. Simply put, we incorporate blockchain and related technologies into your business.

We achieve that by adopting an agile, iterative, and value-driven approach. We develop end-to-end solutions for your business model, regardless of your company’s size or industry vertical. Our solutions are tailored on a per-case basis, meaning we work with every client individually to achieve the best possible outcome of our cooperation.

I’m interested in working with you. How can we create a blockchain product together?

Feel free to get in touch via our Contact page or send us an email at [email protected]. We’re always eager to talk things over with you and determine the best possible way to work together. We usually respond within 24h.

Where is the MVP Workshop located?

Our headquarters are located in Belgrade, Serbia, but we also have full-time employees in Berlin.

How many members are there in your team?

Right now, our team consists of 50+ full-time employees.

Since we’re a blockchain development company, our employees come from various professional backgrounds. Apart from engineers and designers, our team also consists of product managers and business developers.

We’re organizing a blockchain event. Would you consider coming as speakers?

Sure, it would be our pleasure. Make sure to contact our growth team at [email protected] and tell us more about your event.


Will you sign an NDA?

Yes. If your company insists on signing an NDA, we are ready to do it.

Do I get the full source code and property rights/trademarks for my product design?

All clients we work with have full property rights and trademarks for product design. This is an important part of our service agreement and a standard procedure in our company. You can choose whether you want to move the source code to your GitHub account or just gain access to our GitHub containing the code.

Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property?

Yes, our service agreement contract covers this clause as well. We’re ready to sign an NDA with our clients to ensure further confidentiality. Moreover, MVP Workshop also covered the clause regarding security and confidentiality in contracts signed with our employees.

We also make sure to continuously improve our security processes.


How experienced should I be in blockchain (or technology in general) before I contact you?

You don’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever, as we’re prepared to guide you through our blockchain and cryptocurrency development processes and explain how we create blockchain products.

The only thing you should be focused on is communicating your ideas and requirements so that we can decide on an optimal approach when working with you.

Are there any pre-requirements I should be aware of before I contact you?

The only thing we need is that you assign a Product Owner or any decision-maker who’ll be in charge of the product we’ll be working on.

This person should be ready to communicate with us when needed and participate in our activities that ensure great collaboration and desired results, such as bi-weekly meetings, sprint reviews, and more. Moreover, this person should communicate with our product manager to discuss development requests and ideas.

How can you guarantee product quality?

We adopted the Agile model when working with our clients and we utilize the so-called Agile sprints (short iteration mode). In other words, we regularly test our development efforts and provide the client with results.

After the client reviews the results, we take their feedback into account and continue working on the product. That way, we provide high-quality products and stick to the schedule.

Are there any particular methodologies you use in your work?

Agile methodology is what we usually follow during the development process. However, that may change, depending on your preferences. So far, an iterative approach has proved the most useful for us as it ensures product quality and allows our clients to send frequent feedback.

Is there a particular work process you stick to?

We approach every client as unique and adapt our working processes to meet their needs. However, some development stages are the same for all clients; make sure to read more about them on our website.

Do you do idea validation?

Yes. Some of the processes that are part of the idea validation include a two-week discovery workshop, Proof of Concept, and MVP development. All these can help you test the concept on the market.

How long will pass between our first contact and you starting to work on my project?

It depends on the complexity and size of the project. Our rough estimate for the majority of disruptive products we developed is about two weeks.

How can I get informed about your progress? Do you use video calls?

Our meetings (and communication in general) with our clients is mostly conducted via Zoom, Slack, Skype, and telephone calls (mostly for scheduling meetings). We have sprints that take place every two weeks and a show-and-tell session once a month. Moreover, stakeholders are free to contact our PM for more information at any moment.

I want to be involved in the product development process. Is this possible?

Absolutely! You can be involved as much as you want. This is possible for every stage of the development process. We prefer to work with our clients rather than just execute orders, so feel free to communicate your ideas.

What happens after the product development is completed?

After the development stage, you should have a product that matches your initial idea perfectly. Our team is happy to offer technical support and product maintenance for all disruptive products we develop for our clients. After all, we’re the ones who built the product, so it’s only natural to provide additional support.

You can also maintain the product on your own, as the entire source code and technical data will be at your disposal during and after the development process.

If I provide feedback during the development process, would you be able to implement it?

Definitely. The Agile methodology allows for an iterative approach to development where the client’s feedback is taken into account from sprint to sprint.

Can you upgrade my blockchain product in the future?

Yes. It’s part of our DEFINE – BUILD – GROW approach. After we build the product, we’re open to further upgrades if you want to continue working with us.

Can I come with a product and ask you to improve it?

Yes. We are ready to jump in at any stage of the product development process if we have the resources and technology to do so.

Can you train my team so we can provide support and implement changes ourselves?

We’re ready to transfer our knowledge to you either after or during the development process. Another option is for us to stay as Level 2 or Level 3 support for a monthly fee.

Will I be assigned a contact person who will keep informed and be at my disposal during the development process?

All our product managers who are assigned to work on your project will be at your disposal at all times. Think of them as client guides who will be ready to offer valuable information about our work. Feel free to ask them anything about blockchain products, cryptocurrency development, web 3.0, and more.

My disruptive product is complicated. My company uses complex tech structures and numerous legacy systems. Will you be able to adapt despite the difficulties and is your technology compatible with my product?

In such cases, we usually prepare a Proof of Concept, a technique used in product development to find out whether the concept is feasible both from technological and business standpoints. PoC also gives us a general idea of how to approach the development process.


How long does blockchain software development take?

It’s difficult to give even a rough estimate, as the size of projects can vary drastically. Some projects can be completed in a couple of weeks, while others take years to complete. We’d have to evaluate the complexity and the work scope of your project before we could give you an estimate.

How many team members do usually work on a project?

There are several factors that affect the number of employees assigned to your project — size, complexity, deadlines, and development stage. Usually, we assign 4 to 8 team members per project.

What’s more important is who these members are. For example, the discovery phase usually includes a product manager, product designer, brand designer, business developer, and two engineers. As we shift toward the development phase, we include more engineers and an engineering director. You can find more information about dedicated teams here.

Can you increase the number of people working on my project if the situation requires so?

Yes, we can increase the number of people working on your project based on your requirements.

What technologies and programming languages do you use in your work?

With 35 engineers in our company, we’re able to cover a wide variety of technologies and programming languages. In addition to that, all our team members are eager to learn new technologies, meaning we’re always up to date and ready to provide high-quality product development.

How do you handle change requests from your customers?

It depends on the type of methodology we’re using and the stage of the project we’re at. Since we use Agile with the majority of our clients, we are able to implement changes every two weeks during sprint planning. In case the client requires more frequent changes, we would have to do impact analysis first and then discuss possible solutions with the client.

Do you also provide website design?

Our product development processes also incorporate brand and product design. After taking a deep dive into your idea in the discovery workshop, we will be able to better understand your target audience, goals, and needs.

I have a design team. Would you be able to cooperate with them?

Yes, we can do that. We also have our own team of designers, but including your designers in the process is not a problem.

In that case, it’s very important to define responsibilities and determine who delivers what in order to ensure the best possible result when it comes to design. It’s important to draw clear lines and decide who is responsible for reviewing, testing, and implementing the design.

How frequently do you review code?

Whenever one of our developers writes code, it is reviewed by another developer. Only reviewed codes are released for testing.

Do you provide support services after the development process is completed?

Yes, we can provide technical support after we develop your product. Moreover, we can also further develop the software to add more features and integrate third-party services if you require so.


How do you charge for your services?

Our services are charged either per team per development track or on a monthly basis. By using effective prioritization techniques, we can come up with an entire roadmap and the timeline of our activities. That way, we’ll be able to set clear goals and deliverables.

Would you mind working on a fixed budget once you determine how much time you’ll need for my project?

We are able to work with a fixed-price budget if we can easily determine the estimates and have a good handle of the technology and problems we’re facing. We’ve had clients like that before and we were able to remain within their budget since we had a clear idea for building their projects.

Are there any additional fees apart from development/implementation costs?

No, unless you want some additional services, such as a copywriter for your whitepaper or your website content. There are no hidden costs — the price we tell you is the final one you’ll have to pay.

Naturally, we expect you to have the infrastructure for hosting the platform (such as AWS, Azure, dedicated servers…).

I want to work on a long-term basis with you. Are there any discounts?

We are able to provide long-term clients with discounts. These opportunities arise during the initial service agreement when we’re working on the growth strategy.


How experienced are you in blockchain development?

We have extensive knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency development, as we’ve been in the industry for 4+ years. We’ve developed products for a wide array of industries. Make sure to read more about our journey on our website.

Are there any examples of your work?

Yes, feel free to take a look at our portfolio. You can also check some of the case studies we wrote about the projects we worked on.

Celsius Network — A peer-to-peer lending network and a one-stop solution for all your crypto assets. Lending, borrowing, and earning interest on deposited coins.

Celsius Network app mockup phone

Swarm — The first globally-compliant Market Access Protocol (MAP) and a decentralized STO issuance platform for asset tokenization through fundraising.

Swarm app mockup phone

Anchor — A two-token, algorithmic stable coin pegged to the growth trends of the global economy via a proprietary financial index — the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU).

Anchor mockup

Zaza — The first social media platform to tokenize social media activity coupled with a two-sided market with permanently discounted products/services.

zaza mockup

Why should I choose MVP Workshop instead of hiring a software development team on my own?

Hiring a team of your own is never a bad idea, but it’s time-consuming and the costs of having an in-house programming team are rather high. On top of that, there are too many risks you should take into account. That’s why hiring a team of professional product developers is definitely a better choice.

If you’re still considering having an in-house team, make sure to read our blog post about it.

Are there any testimonials from your customers?

Of course, you can find them here.

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