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3327 Summer Camp Third Challenge Solutions

The third and the final Summer Camp challenge is behind us. One more time, we had a chance to listen to participants and their solutions. 

While mentors are deliberating and discussing the winners, we made an overview of the third challenge and what teams created.

As for the previous ones, the third challenge was crafted so that there is no specifically defined scope of the final solution (product) that should be created. Hence it was up to participants to shape it, play, and create a solution that will help them win the rewards. The entire third challenge is placed at the end of this post.


Team members: Marko Čuljak, Karlo Valentin Cihlar, Lara Granošam, Bruno Marović.

Presentation: Recording

Solution: Repository, Smart Contracts (first and second).


Team members: Danijela Tuba, Marko Jovičić, Jovan Jovanović, Aleksandar Gagić i Luka Lazarevic.

Presentation: Recording

Solution: Repository, Smart Contract, Product Specification

Easy We C00l

Team members: Ivan Dzambasanovic, Branko Grbic, Petar Radojevic.

Presentation: Recording

Solution: Repository

This was also our last Summer Camp challenge and we want to thank all participants for being part of this journey with us.

For us, at MVPW and 3327, it is only the beginning as we are dedicated to empowering Web3 community-building initiatives in the Balkan region and worldwide. 

Hence, in a couple of weeks, we are coming back with something new that can help you improve your Web3 skills or onboard you into the world of Web3 development.

Make sure that you join our 3327 discord server, where all the announcements will be released timely.


Support Children is a non-profit, international organization working on improving life for children worldwide for many years.

As a leader in an innovative approach when it comes to gathering resources, Support Children recognized the potential in accepting crypto donations.

Nikola, the director of the innovation sector at the Support Children organization, decided to hire you to develop the third version of this web application.

The first version of the app-enabled organizations to create campaigns and be notified of each donation. Donors are also informed about the completion of the campaigns through a specially developed notification system.

The second version of the app was also a blast. Organizations found handy new features that enabled them to define the maximum amount of funds that can be collected while also being able to select the currency in which donations will be settled.

On the other hand, users (donors) are thankful that they still can choose different currencies to donate and leave it to the app to swap them into the cryptocurrencies organizations accept. 

It is time for the 3rd version…

The goal to increase user acquisition and reach the planned number of new users has been accomplished. However, you are facing new challenges, something that at first seems out of your reach. The cost of transactions on Ethereum Mainnet is becoming unsustainable, and more and more donors are giving up on donating just because of that.

But the solution is there. You will enable donors to use some of the working Layer 2 solutions. Still, there are many difficulties, and one of the biggest is bad UX when it comes to transferring assets from the Ethereum Mainnet to Layer 2 solutions. Hence, your idea is to create your custom interface within the app to enable users to transfer their assets on L2.

Considering the size of an effort to create such a feature, Nikola hesitated to propose additional functionalities. Yet, impressed by the potential yield farming has on L2, he had to share an idea with you: Assets collected during the campaign might be used to generate more profit. More precisely, before the campaign is finished, assets can be sent to some yield farming protocols. 

Of course, as with the previous one and each of the upcoming challenges, the decisions you make while shaping your solution should be based on the facts you gather by researching, interacting, and talking to your target audience and analyzing solutions that meet similar user needs.

See you in discord!

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