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    What is asset tokenization?

    The idea behind asset tokenization is simple: it allows us to convert the rights to assets with economic value into a digital token.

    These tokens can then be subdivided, traded, and stored on a blockchain network. Tokenization can have significant effects on trading and investment too, as it promises greater transparency, liquidity, exchange potential, and data integrity.

    Benefits of blockchain infrastructure





    Which assets can be tokenized?

    From traditional assets such as bonds, commodities, and real estate to exotic goods such as art, fine wines, and sports teams - nearly every asset can be tokenized.


    Tokenization of commodities can help expand commodity investment markets. Converting physical assets into digital assets can improve liquidity and lessen barriers to entry in assets primarily dominated by institutional investors

    Real Estate

    Real estate tokenization enables the fractional ownership, opening the doors for increased market participation by high capital and individuals. The fractional ownership allows investors to own a piece of prime properties around the world and earn dividends and capital gains from it.

    Private Equity Shares

    Tokenization of equity shares enables smooth interaction between shareholders and shares by having a single source of truth (as opposed to current, siloed databases) on an immutable ledger. Also, shareholders will be able to run trades on the secondary markets and have ownership transparency.

    Physical Goods

    Illiquid assets - including art, wine, ownership interests in private companies, partnership shares and more, can be tokenized to give proof of origin, lending and price discovery through the blockchain.

    Benefits of the tokenization

    Tokenized assets can have very appealing attributes to investors. They are:


    Once an investor buys tokens, nobody can “delete” the ownership certificates from the blockchain.


    Tokens can be accessed from any place with the Internet connection, 24/7.


    Tokens enable the division of assets in a way that eliminates the need for minimum investment, bringing more liquidity in the process.


    Tokenized assets remove the middlemen that often demand high fees and restrict investments to accredited investors only.


    Tokens provide a single source of truth, so there are no information discrepancies when it comes to token ownership.

    Our services


    Blockchain Architecture

    Tokenization of assets on the blockchain requires distributed ledger infrastructure to be developed. This is the same as building any other blockchain system. We are here to help you choose and implement the best possible solution for your assets.


    Smart Contract Development

    When it comes to tokenized assets, smart contracts play an important role - they enable the transfer of asset ownership, payments as well as other legal rights. MVP Workshop makes flawless smart contracts you can rely on.


    Wallet Development

    Each tokenized asset needs a wallet to be stored in. There are two types of tokens - utility tokens that give access to a service or product like CEL, and security tokens that represent ownership of an asset like Swarm. We can build a token wallet from scratch or implement some of the existing white label solutions for your project.


    Token Economics

    When you are tokenizing an asset it’s important to create the conditions that would make the asset’s ecosystem sustainable. Tokens need to have multiple dimensions of value and balance the value with incentives, which are not easy tasks to achieve. Our experts work closely with our clients in order to achieve that delicate balance and enable the business to be profitable.

    Our partnerships

    Shaping the future of blockchain together with our partners

    Why choose us?

    We’re in the cryptocurrency industry for more than 5 years, and during the years we gained extensive experience and expertise in asset tokenization.

    Today we have a one-stop development solution for every blockchain project’s needs, with our primary focus and expertise covering end-to-end product development and design. We are consultants, designers, developers, engineers, and marketers working and contributing to your ecosystem every single day - and we know how to get things done.


    Successfully developed blockchain products


    Years of blockchain development experience


    People in our team


    Active wallets


    In assets


    Flagship tokenized assets


    Investors signed up from 89 countries

    Case studies

    Celsius Network

    A peer-to-peer lending network and a one-stop solution for all your crypto assets. Lending, borrowing and earning interest on deposited coins.




    The first globally-compliant Market Access Protocol (MAP) and a decentralized STO issuance platform for asset tokenization through fundraising.




    A two-token, algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the growing trend of the global economy via a proprietary financial index - the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU).




    The first social media platform to tokenize social media activity coupled with a two-sided market with permanently discounted products/services.



    What our clients say

    MVP Workshop made our switch from building web applications to building decentralized platforms for our clients easy. Their team worked with us to design blockchain architecture solutions for several projects.

    They didn’t just do the job, but they educated our people in the process, so we are now much better equipped to tackle new projects!

    Vuk Popovic
    Vuk Popovic CEO, Quantox

    After working closely with the MVP Workshop team on our decentralized platform and the ICO, both on tech and business side, I can say that they are one of the very few true professionals that are experts in both spheres of the blockchain space.

    One thing that especially impressed us was their expertise in token economy models. With the very hands on approach and pragmatic advice, their support continues to be invaluable for our project.

    Petar Slovic
    Petar Slovic COO, Review.Network

    I have been working with developers for over 30 years and MVP Workshop is as professional as it gets. Over the past year we’ve been extremely impressed with their communication, their commitment, and most importantly, their ability to ship products on schedule.

    We will continue to work with them for many years to come.

    Alex Mashinsky
    Alex Mashinsky CEO, Celsius Network

    MVP Workshop simply delivers. Their team has both a broad scope of knowledge and experience to take cutting-edge, top-notch projects from ideation to mockups all the way to production.

    The product and project management is the best I’ve ever worked with, these guys know how to hit their deadlines.

    Keith Baumwald CMO, Celsius Network

    MVP Workshop exudes calm under pressure and raging professionalism in their communication and reliable execution.

    They are willing to take risks with us, experiment, and break new ground -- all while deftly weighing out business pressures, industry and technology conditions, and customer interests alongside wily product requirements.

    Aaron Wood
    Aaron Wood Business Developer, Swarm

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