Startup Center


Signups for Startup Centar Generation 2 are opened!

MVP Workshop launches a Startup Center, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, which will open its door to young entrepreneurs. The center is intended for all eager to join the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Who is Startup Center for?

The field of interest isn’t important, nor are you a student at a state or private faculty in Belgrade. You don’t even need to be a student. The only thing that matters is to have a business idea and determination to build a company.

Startup Center is a place where entrepreneurs, with the support of MVP Workshop mentors, will be able to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and make the first steps in building their own business.

During the three month work at the Startup Center, the selected teams will work on validating ideas and improving their product or service.

Where is the Center?

The Startup Center is located at the Faculty of Economics (Kamenicka 6) in Belgrade, on the fourth floor of the building.

This modern space provides a great environment for teamwork, as well as a stimulating atmosphere for thinking and building new businesses. The open space allows the exchange of ideas, and a special part will be set aside for the gathering of all participants.



How does Startup Center work?

Teams will define and refine their target market, conduct primary market research and get to know their users. They will run experiments to validate or invalidate their key hypotheses with potential customers. But at the same time, they will build their founding team and support each other on this journey.

By the end of the course, teams will have developed, prototyped, and tested a novel product or service, a business model, and a company creation plan. This course gives all necessary resources and tools to navigate the challenges of implementing an early-stage startup idea.

Three-month program

So, we know that building a business isn’t an easy job. Resources, good planning, and experienced guidance – are key to success.

MVP Workshop mentors and guest lecturers will teach participants how to define, build and grow successful products. They will be focused on a fast go to market strategies, customer development and maximizes learning.

Teams that join the Startup Center will be included in our three-month program, and we will additionally organize a Demo day for investors.

Month goals

  • Pre-month: program starts with intro lectures about the importance of startups in today’s economy;
  • The first-month goal is to ensure students can define their Problem Statement, Target Market and start doing Customer Development;
  • The second month is reserved for collecting Customer Data, participants should know how to work on their assumptions, constructs and define their MVP;
  • And on last month teams should complete their Go to Market Strategy, Budget Forecast and know how to defend it.

Demo Day

Startup Center program will culminate in Demo Day event, where teams will have the opportunity to pitch their startups to investors.

Application process

The second round of application process will start from January and last until February 20, 2018. We opened online applications for teams who are planning to join our mentoring program.

The rules:

  • From one to five team members, all founders,
  • One team member must be a current student (Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. studies) at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade,
  • Teams must work in the office space at Startup Center during 3 months program,
  • Presenting startup at Demo Day is mandatory,
  • During the program, teams can not participate in other incubators or accelerators.

In order to apply, teams will have the task of delivering a complete Business Model Canvas template, filled Customer Interviews template and send the biographies of all team members.

All necessary documents for application are available here:

Download Business Model Canvas and Customer Interview template

The commission and criteria

The commission consists of the MVP Workshop representatives and faculty members. They will select three teams that will work with mentors on building up their companies in Startup Center.

Criteria for grading startups will be:

Teams will be notified of their acceptance status by the end of September.

Start your business!

 Application form for Generation 2 of Startup Centar is opened until February 20, 2018.