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Market Access Protocol - the new industry standard for trading and investing in security tokens.

We have done multiple projects with Swarm fund creating an ecosystem focused on tokenization of different assets and building the open infrastructure for digital securities. Products are complementary and are allowing users to onboard, invest, earn money by having nodes in the Swarm network or even create their own tokens.

Investor Pass is a single account for managing user's identity as well as all Swarm-powered investment opportunities. Depending on the qualifications a token sale requires, Investor Pass allows users to use their existing KYC verifications and skip onboarding completely, or partially pre-fill any required information automatically.

01 investor pass

02 indx sto

One of the first Security Token Offerings on Swarm.fund platform was done for indx.capital. STO platform interface allows full customization and rebranding aligned with clients' branding guidelines. The platform allows users to create accounts, pass the KYC process and invest in INDX tokens. At the same time Issuer (INDX) is able to track the token offering process in the realtime.

03 swarm masternodes

04 Token issuance platform

Allows anyone to tokenize any kind of an existing asset. After defining details about the assets and attributes of the token contract, the issuer will deploy contracts and create their token. Tokens can then be distributed to the specified addresses of investors/owners/partners etc.

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