Do you know who flew the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean?

That’s right! Charles Lindbergh.

Who flew the second one?  Don’t worry, I didn’t know either.

The best way to be remembered is to be first!

When Lindbergh landed safely in Paris less than 34 hours later, becoming the first pilot to solo a nonstop transatlantic flight, he changed public opinion on the value of air travel and laid the foundation for the future development of aviation.

The story of ManageWP and other products that created their own markets, is similar to this greatest moment in flight. I just saw this video that I’m really glad to share with you guys and give you a warm recommendation to watch it. One of our mentors at MVP Workshop had a great talk about this topic at WordCamp Belgrade.

First and foremost I want to leave you all with a few of impressions and key takeaways I’d love you to keep in mind while building your own product.

“It’s better to be first than it is to be better.”

Do you remember your first kiss? I’m guessing yes. Do you remember your fourth kiss? Hmmm… The ones who do something first usually get the most credit. Be that one in business, innovation, creative work… It is all about satisfying the customers even before they realize they have the need.

“If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.”

Pick a different perception, one that you can be the first to put into your prospect’s mind. It’s much easier to get into the mind first than to try to penetrate an existing market. More importantly, he explains why innovation is important for business and marketing.

“It is better to be first in the mind than to be first in the market.”

Maybe WordPress wasn’t the first content management system (CMS), but definitely, it was

  • the first easy to use;
  • the first CMS that brought developers in a really large community;
  • and for the customers, it was usually the first CMS in their minds – it was the first they heard about!

Enjoy the video!

Embrace this opportunity to ask anything and everything about the importance of being first or whatever else comes to your mind!

The Importance of Being First

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