The MVP approach

is your solution.

By incorporating MVP framework in your process, we’ll help you learn about your target market and customer interests. In a 10 days time and without wasting any resources build a product that perfectly fits people’s needs.

how does this work


Our sprint is designed to prevent you from making mistakes and speed up your product launch.

Scaling too fast without the right strategy, market and customers are why startups fail. We want you to avoid falling into that pit.

By knowing what to look for and which pitfall to avoid, you can accelerate the learning involved in developing your startup story.

The framework can help you define your problem statement, your target audience and unfair advantages on the market.

With that in mind, you’ll be ready to build your one MVP with a minimal set of feature needs for market. This way you will validate your idea and make your work ready for scaling and growth.

Every phase has goal to guide you through the whole process and get you closer to your future business.

Let's explore it step-by-step...

At the beginning of the sprint, you have to learn as much as possible about your customers and market size.

First, you need to get to know buyers and their problem. Interviews are the best way to understand them.

This will help you discover a solution for their pain.

Then you need to establish how large is your target market. Define phase will take you only 2 weeks time, but after that, you will have the solution proposal in your hand.

When you know your customers needs and market size you can validate your idea with Minimum Viable Product.

Estimation and iteration are keywords for building stage. Here you will focus on building MVP feature, which allows you rapid time to market.

We can use human-centric agile methodologies™, such as Scrum and Menlo Innovation principles. Repetitions and market learning will help you minimize wasting of resources.

This phase takes up to 3 months, with 2 weeks of iterations. But the end result will be creating MVP features and faster go to market.

You will learn to accept the necessity of imperfect solutions and how to manage them in your product.

This is the phase where you can take work to the whole new level. Once you validated your target market and customers needs, the grow stage will help you to maximize your product sales.

But you are not there yet. There’s one more pitfall ahead. Be aware of premature growth. Two-thirds of startups fail because of this reason.

So, be smart and cautious. Building scalable business is your ultimate goal and business growth is never ending process.

Lets exchange experiences

and knowledge together

Our mission is to build up a community, which welcome people willing to share their knowledge and startup experiences.

All founders are, sooner or later, faced with common problems, dilemmas and mistakes.

Teaching others to overcome these obstacles and providing critical feedback and guidance is essential for improvement of a startup community. Here you can contribute to others and learn more about building successful stories.

If you are in a stage of founding startup, you must have a lot of questions.

This is the place to ask and get answers.

Join us no matter if you are single founder or a corporation with internal innovation.

Help grow and expand good practice and valuable know-how. By being a part of this community you’ll learn to develop better startups and also helping others to do it.

Your chance to become what you always dreamt about – Entrepreneur!

MVP workshop team loves working with young, creative and inspiring people.

Knowledge aside, it is time to think! Test yourself and bring your ideas to life.

Here you’ll get an unforgettable experience, working with open-minded professionals, with who’s guidance, you will develop new professional and personal skills.

By joining MVP workshop practice
you will learn about:

However, we think that it would be better if we were to leave this segment to those who have dedicated the mentioned time to us and, their professional and, professional growth as well.

Intern Insights
Finding a good internship is not hard, but finding good mentors is! The experience I gain working everyday side by side with my mentors was priceless. Having the opportunity to lead the project through a learning process with constant mentorship is the best possible way to gain valuable experience.
I learned a lot about Product Management, Minimum Viable Product, Agile Methodology, Prototyping, SaaS business. But the most important thing, I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and friendship. If you want to spend the greatest learning time with the hardest working on a Product, make some lovely friendships, MVP Workshop is a perfect place for you!
We talked with a large number of experts in the Product field, interviewed potential clients, made a business model, generated new ideas and at the end, made a prototype. Also, I have learned a lot about writing, SEO, marketing and growth, which are the fields that I always wanted to try out in practice.
I am thankful for all the knowlegde MVP Workshop brought me, especially the good spirit that I definitely have felt being part of MVP Workshop in Belgrade. In addition, the office is  pretty comfortable, a cosy environment located in the center of the city and inspired by a strong start-up culture. The internship has been an amazing experience, I believe next generations will be more than satisfied. MVP always changes to better and help us to do the same! Thanks!
I worked in a multinational team of 3 (Vietnamese, French, Serbia) with 3 projects through Framework of Minimum Viable Product. My job was mainly validating the new idea in order to solve their problems, customer interviews, market size analysis, research competition and build prototypes. Besides, I hardly worked on white paper, the most important part for a new blockchain product PayAsYouGo.

Who is it for?

Everyone. No matter your field of study, interests, country or city you are from. It is a plus to have an interest in Startups and Product Management, but it is not essential. On the other hand, curiosity is. That’s what’s essential, and a desire to define your purpose, build your expertises and simply grow.

Our course is fundamental Framework based training on Agile techniques and Learn methodologies, but even if you are not that familiar with these methods, we would be more than happy to provide you with the necessary cognition, so we could define, build and grow together.

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