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  • Where are you located and how big is your team?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    Our headquarters are in Belgrade, Serbia and we also have full-time employees in Berlin and Birmingham. In total, our team consists of 38 full-time employees from various backgrounds - the majority of us are engineers, others are designers, business developers and product managers. What we all have in common is a dedication to building products that are well-defined and scalable. Meet our team and learn more about our initiatives and partnerships: https://mvpworkshop.co/about/

  • What services are you offering?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    We specialize in Decentralized Business Models, Tokenization of Assets and End-to-End Product Development. Through agile, iterative and value-driven approach we determine the best way of incorporating blockchain and related technologies into your business model by developing end-to-end solutions, regardless of your industry vertical or company size. Naturally, we tailor our engagement for each client on a per-case basis, so you can choose the scope of services that fits your needs the best.


    When it comes to end-to-end product development as a whole, we drive the process through three key phases: DEFINE - BUILD - GROW.


    If you would like to learn more about our services, team and processes, feel free to get in touch with us via https://mvpworkshop.co/contact/

  • How do you charge for your services?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    We are not just another outsourcing agency which chargers per engineer/hour. Our approach is different because we focus on the value that we provide, the ownership and responsibility we feel towards each and every one of our clients, and the expertise of a dedicated team as well as our senior leadership which is involved in all product development tracks. Consequently, our services are charged per team per development track, on a monthly basis. Using various prioritization techniques, we define the roadmap and timeline of the activities and focus on deliverables and goals set out by our clients.


    We usually work on R&D projects that have a lot of unknowns from both tech and business side, so exact estimates in the early stages of product development can be hard to come by. We also found from experience that this ends up being a preferred approach by our clients in the long run too, as it provides better results, especially from the perspective of a clear go-to-market strategy.

  • Would you consider working over a fixed price budget over your estimated time of developing the project?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    Yes, in the past we took this approach in cases where estimates are not hard, ie. we know the tech that we will use, the problem is something that is not new per se, and we are completely aware of potential third party integrations.


    If we already have a clear idea of how we could implement your project, we can do it with a fixed scope, budget and a precisely defined time-frame. The process would be similar to what is described in the question/answer above, with the exception of us committing to a hard deadline.


    Many of our clients wanted to start this way. Usually, after the first project, they went on to work with us "our way" when we proved that we are truly committed to delivering desired results on time and that we, on a regular basis, exceed what was initially expected of us.


    The only cases where we are always taking the “fixed scope” route is when we work with heavily regulated clients (like doing work with the Serbian government).

  • Are there any pre-requirements from our side before the development starts?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    Before we enter the development phase, it would be necessary for you to dedicate a Product Owner or any other decision maker of your choosing who will be in charge of the product’s vision. That person will be in constant communication with our Product Manager regarding the daily meetings, sprint plannings/reviews, timeline, as well as new development requests and ideas.

  • Do you charge any additional fees beside development/implementation costs?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    No, except when we agree to do other types of services. For example, if you want us to include a copywriter in our team in order to help with your whitepaper. There are no hidden costs of any kind with any scope of services you choose.


    Naturally, you will need to have your own infrastructure for the purposes of hosting your platform (dedicated server, AWS, Azure...).

  • We want to get the source code and property rights/trademarks pertaining to our product design
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    That is perfectly fine by us. It is how we usually do it, and it is in our service agreement. We can do it on our GitHub and give you access, or move it to your GitHub account.

  • We want to train our local team during the development process so we can provide support ourselves and implement improvements based on customer feedback
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    We can facilitate the knowledge transfer as a part of the project development, which can be done after we finish development or in parallel during the development process.


    We can also agree to stay on as a Level 2 or Level 3 support for a monthly retainer.

  • We want to work on major new functionalities of the product in the long-term with you. Is there a “preferred” rate for us?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    We can provide some discounts on our services for a long-term commitment from both ends. Usually, these opportunities arise during our initial service agreement while we are planning the full scope of the project and defining the growth strategy.

  • Would you consider coming to our blockchain event as speakers?
    Aleksandar Kanjevac12-07-2019

    Of course - we would be honoured; We would love to hear more about your event, so please send the details to our Growth team at [email protected]

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