Here at MVP Workshop, we are trying to become leading full-service design and development agency for cutting-edge technologies and uncharted territories since late 2017. We are explorers and wanderers. We always want to push the boundaries of the unknown. That’s why we have chosen blockchain as our main focus today. We design, build and grow products that actually work and scale on top of the blockchain.



We are currently seeking a Product Manager to join our expanding team. As a PM at MVP Workshop, your role will be like no others. Since every blockchain project is just starting its own journey to the hearts of new potential customers with the goal to bring millions of new people to the crypto – you’ll probably end up doing everything that’s not engineering or design work.

From product management to feature tweaks to product research to QA and project management, ensuring roadmap is clearly communicated among all parties, to talking with the client, users and community, all the way to improving overall quality of the product, both in its core (how is designed and developed), but also as how is perceived and what value brings to the client (business side of the things). Everything it takes to get the product out the door and ensuring smooth sailing while it grows is on your plate.

It may sound overwhelming because so much of the job is communication, research, and fighting complexity – so let’s deep dive into responsibilities and set up the right expectations for PM’s role at MVP Workshop.



  • Lead the full product cycle: ideation, research, product discovery, design, development, and launch
  • Understand client’s business strategy and deliver a product which is in line with it
  • Manage the roadmap and set expectations with all stakeholders: capture work from a wide range of inputs (senior management from our side and client from the other), understand and prioritize this work so our project teams are always working on the most valuable features
  • Develop instrumentation, logging, tracking, reporting, and analytics tools to allow for data collection and optimization of the user experience, as well as measurement of the product NPS
  • Develop a framework for evaluating new opportunities and identifying which of those opportunities merit further research and development
  • Deeply know the problems that you’re tackling through research and regular interaction with (potential) customers; define and frame those problems for the team
  • Work with the client on thinking big, challenge stakeholder’s perception and decisions, and then collaborate with the team to imagine future solutions that solves presented problems
  • Partner with everyone included in the product development process to scope these solutions to their smallest coherent state that helps product ship to customers as early as possible
  • Act as a conduit between designers and engineers to take a new product idea from concept to prototype, while holding all sides accountable
  • Constantly evaluate if our solutions have solved the problem through quantitative and qualitative measures, both in beta’s and after full release
  • Own and maintain the quality of the product areas your team is responsible for; deliver world-class software in every release
  • Work on nourishing product culture within the company – motivate a group of committed, smart people to do the best work of their careers
  • Track usability issues and user scenarios that inform product iteration
  • Talk with the community (very specific to the crypto-sphere), prioritize and track feature requests
  • Work closely with the client’s marketing team, together define product roll-out strategy
  • Lead token modeling and business decentralization model canvas process, often as a workshop done for clients
  • Study and come up with innovative business use cases for the implementation of blockchain technology
  • Work closely with Key Account Executive on maintaining and nourishing a relationship with our clients


We are looking for a senior PM, with at least 4 years of experience in Product Management. Experience in working on the blockchain product development is a huge plus, but not mandatory.

If you’ve reached this point: thank you for your consistent interest!

This job aid expired, and we currently don’t have an open position for the Product Manager role.

But don’t let that stop you from getting in touch with us at [email protected].
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