We build decentralized solutions
in the proper way

We started working with Blockchain 3 years ago, but we are not defined by it.

Testimonial quotes

MVP Workshop simply delivers. Their team has both a broad scope of knowledge and experience to take cutting-edge, top-notch projects from ideation to mockups all the way to production. The product and project management is the best I’ve ever worked with, these guys know how to hit their deadlines.

– Keith Baumwald // CMO/CPO, Celsius Network

Keith Baumwald

We come from various backgrounds, some of us are engineers, others designers, and product managers, but what we all have in common is a dedication for building products that scale.

Testimonial quotes

This was the first time we did something like this, and MVP Workshop has managed to answer to all of our questions in just two days. The people behind MVP Workshop bring with them experience, which made complicated ideas simple. We are now able to implement everything easily.

– Daniel Popa // CEO, Quickcall Communications

Daniel Popa


MVP Workshop

Serbian Blockchain Initiative is a non-profit, non-government organization, with the goal of supporting blockchain adoption and proper legislative in Serbia, enhancing the ability for Serbian businesses to compete globally.

MVP Workshop
Startup Center

We founded Startup Centar with a mission to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and help people with ideas to turn them into sustainable businesses. It is co-funded in collaboration with Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

MVP Workshop
Trace Alliance

MVP Workshop has partnered with Trace Alliance hub, where we are the IT custom solution development and implementation provider to companies in different industries.

MVP Workshop

We are also members of a non-profit entity, The Digital Supply Chain Institute. Working together with shared resources, we help shape the research and development tools related to the Digital Supply Chain.

Blockchain Fitness Index

The BFI tool allows to quickly assess the applicability, relevance and potential of blockchain based solutions in various business divisions.

Created by Digital Supply Chain Institute and Center for Global Enterprise

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