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This fall MVP Workshop launches The Startup Center, intended for all students of the University of Belgrade and private universities who want to make the first step towards an exciting World of Entrepreneurship. 

Over the last three months, we’ve been planning one of the most audacious experiments in entrepreneurship since World War II, with Centre for corporate relations at Faculty of Economics.

Fusion of Traditional and Modern

The program is open to students from all disciplines and from any public or private Faculty in Belgrade. We welcome interdisciplinary teams of one or more. And you all know University of Belgrade is the biggest and the oldest higher education institution in the region. That’s the main reason why it was the extraordinary effort to merge tradition and modern.

We believe Traditional Economic is the rut of new business models. Although it may not seems that way at the first glance. We are here to erase the borders and to try to bring traditional and modern knowledge together.

We will try to help students understand the importance of Startups in today’s Economy and how to implement that new knowledge in developing their own company. Last month we held Intro lecture about this project.

intro lecture about startup center

Our aspiration is to help teams identify unmet customer needs, design new products or services that meet those needs and develop business models to support the creation and launch of new products or services.

Even those teams that do not successfully launch a venture or that decide not to move forward will learn critical techniques about starting and launching a venture. By the end of the course, teams will have developed, prototyped, and tested a novel product or service, a business model, and a company creation plan.

This is a demanding course that pushes students but provides the resources to help them navigate the challenges of implementing an early-stage startup idea.

Highlights of the SC’s offerings include:

  • Everyday access to co-working space at the vibrant StartUp Centar equipped with tools for ideation, prototyping and validating;
  • Weekly one-to-one advising with founders, venture capitalists, product experts, industry veterans, and professors from various faculties;
  • Online and offline channels to facilitate support and collaboration from mentors;
  • Participation in Demo Day — an opportunity to present your business idea and solicit feedback from top investors and industry professionals;
  • Close ties with startup industry organizations to provide students with relevant connections and networking opportunities.

How does Startup Center work?

Teams will define and refine their target market, conduct primary market research and build knowledge about their customers and users.  They will run experiments to validate or invalidate their key hypotheses with potential customers. Also, they will be building and nurturing their founding team.  They will make progress on the mechanics of starting their venture.

Maximize Learning – Minimize Time to Market

Maximized learning is a core tenet of this program.  Teams will be updating the cohort every week with the progress they have made and to pose any questions or requests for help.  Teams will often pair up to help each other with issues, especially with Customer Interviews and give each other feedback.


Mentor Lectures and Guest talks

We will help teams expand their knowledge of entrepreneurship techniques and frameworks via guest talks by thought leaders on topics of interest.

Demo Day

StartUp Center Ventures will culminate in Demo Day event, at the end of a three-month program. Students will have the opportunity to pitch their startups to investors and members of the press to kick-start their ventures and reach escape velocity.

Program duration

StartUp Centar @Ekof 2017 runs from October and it will last for three months. A program starts with Pre-month of Intro Lectures about the importance of Startups in today’s Economy.

Details and dates TBD.

Month goals

  1. In the first month, we’ll ensure students can define their Problem Statement, Target Market and start doing Customer Development;
  2. The second month is reserved for collecting Customer Data, students should know how to work on their assumptions, constructs and define their MVP;
  3. In last month teams should complete their Go to Market Strategy, Budget Forecast and know how to defend it.


Your team must contain at least one member and no more than five members. All team members should be founders or founder-level (so don’t list any interns or others who are not committed to becoming full-time entrepreneurs through this project).

At least one team member must be a current student at Faculty of Economics (we have a moral obligation:). For this application process, students who enrolled Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. studies in October of the current year are considered current students at Faculty of Economics.

Teams must commit working full time in the office space in the Startup Center for the duration of the 3 months and present at Demo Day event in December.

They must have demonstrable experience and understanding of the entrepreneurial process and must demonstrate familiarity with common frameworks including disciplined entrepreneurship, lean startup, business model canvas, and the like.

Teams cannot simultaneously take part in any other accelerator or incubator program. Teams must be working full-time within the StartUp Centar program.

We are looking for teams that can significantly gain from the program — we’re not just taking the teams that are the closest to being full-fledged companies.

Application instructions

There should be one entry per founding team.

  • Applicants shall fill out an online application form in which they will outline details about their team, their idea, the problem they are trying to solve, the
  • Applicants shall also upload filled Business Model Canvas and Customer Interviews in the application form. Biographies/CVs of all team members need to be uploaded as well.

All needed templates you can download here.


Application period

Applications for the 2017 program were open from July 1 and it will last until September 15.

Deliberation process

The applications will be reviewed by a team of judges. The commission consists of the MVP Workshop representatives and faculty members. Criteria for grading startups will be:

Teams will be notified of their acceptance status by the end of September.


You’re building Your Own Business

We could wrap this up with some brilliant quote from any amazing person from this line of business. But we’re not gonna do that. The idea of startup center above all is to be a place where, entrepreneurial minds in the making, and we all now that Belgrade University has a lot of them, can put all pieces of the puzzle together and make exquisite Product!


Startup Center at The Faculty of Economics

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