Keeping up with social media trends isn’t an easy job! First and foremost, you have to set your brand values in front your social media strategy. If you set this right you have a chance to avoid vanity metrics and the illusion of your social media impact. In this guide, we will reveal some tips and tricks which you can implement to your plan of action.

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How to set the objectives right?

When you’re starting your own business, one of your objectives is definitely brand awareness.

Everybody wants to get people talking about their brand. But, first, you have to choose what kind of talks you want to induce? Do you just want to drive traffic to your website, build authority, attract quality visitors, or sell?

First of all, you need to do a research and dig deep into your audience’s mind and interests. There are several different tools that you can use to find more about the people that already follow you or already talking about your brand or your industry.

Google Analytics tool is well known in the circle of people who are in social media marketing. This powerful tool can provide you much useful information about your target group. Also, gives you the possibility to measure your media success.

There are many different options for tracking and targeting. Call it modern spying, but it’s necessary. You can discover so many information. For instance, if your goal is to get more visitors to your website, Google Analytics can help you find which channel bring you the most traffic. You can learn what are trigger words for your target audience and what should be your priority in building brand strength.

Social media changes all the time

The thing with social media is that it’s shifting all the time. It’s forever changing. The change is the only constant thing in virtual society. And it can cause you issues with keeping up with them! Your job is to be awake and follow new trends and adapt to them quickly. There are always new social media channels launching. Facebook and Twitter are leaders in that meaning.

So, everything you do on social media is a test, but it’s because you’ll be going back, and you’ll want to analyze did that thing work for you or not, and then apply it.



For example, just look at the Facebook in the early age, there were just a few options you could use in order to build your brand. But, nowadays you have a large number of sophisticated business options you can use. One of them is a powerful Facebook pixel.

An interesting fact is that Adrian Morrison, a young man from Mississippi, made 420.000 dollars, per month, just by using Facebook pixel. This sound very interesting. So, I guess you would be willing to learn more about this tool. How Adrian used pixel and made that money? You will find out soon. But, first, let’s say just a few words about this tool.

What is Facebook pixel and how it works?

It’s a piece of code which you should put on your website and it will enable you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Once you put it on your site Facebook starting to connect your visitors with his base. So, anyone who visits your site (and in the same time is logged in, on Facebook) will be connected. When Facebook collect information, then you can target people who visited a page that you want. And now you can use that group of targeted people to find people who are similar to that people. And you can do it by using Lookalike audience.

Now we can go back on the story about Adrian. 🙂 Adrian was making money by using Lookalike audience. He was using it to reach new people who are likely to be interested in his business because they’re similar to the customers he cares about. So when Lookalike audience makes a list of people who are similar to your current customers, you can make campaign just for this target group. Start doing this and you will get results very soon!

Here’s are 6 different ways you can use Lookalike Audiences based on:

  • Website Traffic
  • your Email List
  • your Facebook Fans
  • Customers
  • your Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • Mobile App Users

The guide how to use Lookalike audiences and more tips about it, you can find on this link.

In order to be good, you always must keep up with changes and innovations on social media!

You need people to trust you

If you set up a Twitter account tomorrow about your product, ask yourself who’s going to read your tweets or learn something from you? Who will be your audience? Over time, when you start building a brand on Twitter and answering questions about your product or building that relevancy and reputation around it, then eventually you’ll want to buy my product. That’s really important too:

  • get your objective for the brand awareness;
  • drive traffic to your website;
  • build up that reputation;
  • and then eventually you can sell on social media.


The content is the most important!

When you get to know what your objectives are and who your target group is, then is the right time to think about content and how to engage the audience with your brand on your social media. It must be relevant and interesting to them, because they are the ones that you want to be engaging with the content, the once who sharing it, liking it, talking about it… Always attempt to post something new and innovative! Added value is what appreciated!

“According to the Sprout Social Q3 2016 Index statistic, 57% of users get annoyed when brands are too promotional on social media.” – Keep this thought in your mind!

There are many blogs about what you should post and what you should do at social media to gain success. But, you can also find plenty of not really good examples, like this one:

“You can never go wrong with the classic coffee art photo.”



Hmmm… Ok, let’s think, maybe this post will get many likes and many comments, but does it engage your audience with your brand? No! It doesn’t. This is just one in million same pictures. Let’s face it. Some people will like it, but if you want to engage them, you must create content which is related to your brand values.

How to make this right?

If you want to post “coffee” picture, try to relate it to your brand. A good idea is to turn this kind of classic picture to quote picture. You can write some quote (again, which is related to your brand values) on the table, on the cup, or you can write it on your hand, be creative… So, you will get a non-typical quote picture.

Also, when you do quote pictures, always write who the author is. Make things more transparent. If you post this on the Facebook, you can boost it to all folks who like that author. They will like the picture, and they will go to your page to see is there more interesting posts to see. In that way, you will get some amount of new followers who are related to your brand. And that is your goal. Voilà! 🙂

Social-media-quotes2 Social-media-quotes3

Social-media-quotes Social-media-quotes4

When people start engaging, then they are finally starting to share your content. When they connect emotionally with your brand, you can be sure then it’s going to create brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Pay attention to Time!

When you have a good content for your target group of people, you should pay attention to the posting time. There are many statistics about the right moment to catch audience’s attention. It depends on your business target group and where are they located. Every network has different “rules” about suggested terms for best announcement time.

Take all these facts into consideration, but make sure that you adjust your brand to the target audience that you have. Their habits are certainly specific and should not be generalized as all others visitors. Explore when they are active on social networks and apply that in your social media campaign schedule.


Knowing the best times to post on social media is truly helpful, but it shouldn’t take you all day. You will save your time by using scheduling applications like BufferHootsuite, Sprout Social… And that applications will help you a lot to plan out all your future social activities.

Content & Brand Value importance

You need to be well organized with your social media activities in order to have good coverage of all channels. But always put CONTENT and your brand VALUES at first place. Try to build your own recognized identity. Be innovative and creative! Try to connect with your audience. Digital marketing is expanding and evolving. New social networks are being born on a daily basis. Keep up with changes and see into new channels. Explore competition and do things differently. Wish you success! 🙂


Social Media Guide: Keep up with trends!

Ivana Đujić

Social Media & Brand Manager at MVP Workshop. Developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives and activities for MVP Workshop.

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  • Great post Ivana. A few trends we’ve send in North America. First, the need to be present on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not on these channels, then you don’t really exist to your target audience. As a result, video is an important content medium to use.

    Second is the rise of long form Facebook posts. Simply put, it’s like putting your blog post in Facebook. Many audiences are now engaging more with long form posts in Facebook, and that can result in higher conversations.

    Keep up the great work MVPworkshop!

    • Keith thank you, I will cover this topic much more in the next post. 🙂

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